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by 孫子

Okay, the news may be old hat, but it certainly deserves a mention. Way back in 2011, Osaka University and NTT…

Leave it to Japan, to give your head the massage it deserves!

by 孫子

This is the cover of a blank writing notebook someone received in an English Academy in Korea. Teaching them young!

by 孫子

So apparently there is this festival in a town called Jaskarupi, where they spend days performing self mutilations, to show…

by 孫子

With the absence of color, life is plain and dull. Color, like language, speaks of someone’s feelings, attract attention, and…

by 孫子

Would you go as far as this Japanese anime fan?


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After eggs laced with melamine and pet food containing chemicals, adulterers in China have unleashed upon the world what could be their ...

8 years ago, I sat getting ready in the morning, while my wife was translating a weird news story on one of her Chinese news sites. This ...

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