Dead Cockroach Causes Toilet Explosion

Posted on July 14, 2014

They say that there are no macho men when cockroaches are involved. Well, lots of people do really get frightened by cockroaches, especially when they fly.

Dead Cockroach Causes Toilet Explosion picture

However, some people pluck their courage and try to battle it out with the cockroaches that they encounter.

In Zhongli, Taiwan, a female employee was sent to clean up the office premises, and when she found this insect crawling around, she sent it to its death by burning it.

Still feeling the victory over the roach, she continued cleaning the area, and threw the bug into the toilet.

What happened next was something she couldn’t imagine. Her attack on the poor insect actually backfired — literally.

Apparently, she poured of all the cleaning detergents she’d used down the toilet, so when she tossed the still-smoking insect into the volatile water, the toilet exploded.

Fortunately, no one got hurt.

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Dead Cockroach Causes Toilet Explosion picture

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Dead Cockroach Causes Toilet Explosion picture
Dead Cockroach Causes Toilet Explosion picture

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