Chinese Concept Train Goes Non-Stop, Literally

Posted on January 14, 2014

From quiet supersonic jets to mile-high skyscrapers, futuristic urban concepts all have but two common themes: saving time and maximizing space.


Though ahead of its time, the Chinese concept train is designed to carry passengers without ever having the need to stop during pick-up and drop-off intervals. Instead, passengers enter a standby compartment on a platform to wait for the oncoming train, which, upon approaching the station, releases its current load of compartments and latches onto the other one on standby a few meters down the line.

Such a smooth interval saves loading and unloading time because passengers simply enter and take their seats before the train approaches. The amount of time saved — about one to two minutes per station — may seem negligible, but add that all up and it could mean several hours saved per week. And when it comes to transportation, time saved means more passengers served.

Watch the video below.


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