Japanese Man Arrested for Stealing £112,000 to Feed Cats

Posted on December 28, 2013

Things have been tasteful and luxurious for dozens of cats in Western Japan — until the arrest of their owner on 32 counts of burglary.

Japanese Man Arrested for Stealing £112,000 to Feed Cats picture

In Izumi City, the arrest of Mamoru Demizu, 48, revealed a rather unusual motive for breaking into homes for cash and jewels amounting to £112,000.

Reports said he spent up to 25,000 yen or about £148 per day to feed 120 cats with fresh fish and chicken — already considered gourmet food for these felines. He admitted feeling overjoyed whenever he kept them near as he rubbed his cheeks against them.

Demizu kept one cat in his home, housed 20 more in a warehouse nearby, and fed about 100 that strayed near his place, according to one officer.

With Demizu behind bars, these cats will surely miss their “feline cuisine.” Now it’s time for a “cat diet.”


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