Japan Creates Robot That Takes Entrance Exams

Posted on December 20, 2013

While supercomputers at CERN crunch endless arrays of numbers to solve the deepest mysteries of the universe, and while Google helps students with loads of free information, scientists from Japan have just begun sending their robot to college.

Japan Creates Robot That Takes Entrance Exams picture

The National Institute of Informatics (NII) teamed up with the country’s top technological companies to develop a robot with the purpose of passing the University of Tokyo’s (Todai) entrance examination, which is highly regarded as one of Japan’s most difficult academic assessments. Their main goal is to have their “artificial brain” pass the 2016 entrance exam with flying colors, and by 2021, exceed the required scores for admission.

A recent trial reported the robot to have scored four out of 10 after taking the university’s entrance examination for mathematics.

The project is a government-approved collaboration between NII and technology companies that include Fujitsu for the math test and IBM for history. And with commercial production of the artificial intelligence (AI) robot in mind, scientists use laptops instead of a single supercomputer to develop the project.

The organizations behind the project use AI technologies to develop language skills, reading and, interestingly, creative expression, analysis, and even emotion.

Now the most intriguing question arises: Can the robot cheat on the exams? Go online and try to search Wikipedia, perhaps?


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