Beijing Authorities Confiscate, Destroy Barbecues to Fight Pollution

Posted on December 19, 2013

As Beijing’s air pollution reaches dangerously high levels, authorities turn against barbecues to help improve the Chinese capital’s air quality.

Beijing Authorities Confiscate, Destroy Barbecues to Fight Pollution picture

To date, over 500 barbecues have been confiscated and destroyed as a result of the crackdown, which aims to lower levels of PM2.5, a dangerous particulate than can penetrate into the respiratory system.

While many have criticized Beijing’s actions, environmentalist Jun Ma reported that the odor and smoke coming from open-air barbecues has pushed local residents to file complaints.

She added that the confiscation may have helped alleviate the pollution at the local level, but the government should also implement solutions to improve fuel quality and control the emissions of larger vehicles such as diesel trucks.

A media officer in Xicheng District reported that the campaign, which was planned to last three months, resulted in hundreds of barbecues destroyed to prevent reuse. The officer spoke in terms of anonymity.

Recently, the city announced that whenever air pollution reaches high levels, limits to traffic and shutdowns to factories will be imposed as part of emergency measures to curb serious health risks to the local population.


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