Middle-Aged Men for Rent in Japan

Posted on December 18, 2013

There’s a glimmer of excitement for aging men in Japan! A local middle-aged man rental service is something new to behold. So put aside those retirement plans for a while and take advantage of this limited offer.

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It’s limited, however, because to date only two men are available for rent. But take heed because these two aren’t your ordinary gentlemen. They are Mikio Sendou, 65, former Japanese pro ballplayer, who was also a 1978 All-Star, and Takanobu Nishimoto, 46, a fashion producer.

Ossan Rental, the company behind the concept, puts the per-hour rental rate at 1,000 yen, or close to $10. But contrary to what many expect, there is no sex trade.

NariNari, a Japanese website, corrects this notion and explains that an “ossan” — the name itself is a moderately impolite word referring to Japan’s middle-aged men — offers only rather mundane services such as going out for a good dose of conversation, joining you for lunch, helping you out in searching for a new apartment, and other everyday activities.

Middle Aged Men for Rent in Japan picture

Tired of shopping? You can even hire an ossan to run the errand for you. And if you were a big fan during Sendou’s glory days, he’d be happy to sign your old baseball cards.

Middle Aged Men for Rent in Japan picture

So does Ossan Rental really get bookings for the two guys? Japan-based Rental Share reports that since July, Ossan Rental has signed up more than 50 people, 70% of whom are female.

And yes, there have been repeat customers too! So much for loyalty points and “frequent rental miles.”


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I'd love to be rented for conversation. Too bad I would have nothing to say.