Bottled Snake Preserved in Alcohol Bites Woman

Posted on December 12, 2013

Even in death, the uncanny serpent lives up to its symbol of betrayal, as one woman in China learned the hard way.

Bottled Snake Preserved in Alcohol Bites Woman picture

Global Times reports that on September 3, Ms. Liu, a resident of Shuangcheng, in Heilongjiang Province, was bitten by a snake that was stored in a jar of alcohol for three months.

Although it isn’t known where the snake was collected, the woman claimed she followed her friend’s advice of pickling the snake with alcohol inside a bottle in her efforts of finding a treatment for her joint pain.

For three months, she would regularly drink small amounts of the alcohol until the bottle went dry. As she opened the lid to refill the bottle, the snake quickly stretched out and bit her finger. Luckily for her, she was rushed to the hospital immediately for treatment.

This case echoes a 2009 report of a similar case in which a snake that was preserved for two months inside a bottle bit a Chinese local.

In China, snake wines, usually made of preserved cobra pickled in rice wine, are believed to have medicinal powers.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has reportedly seized a handful of smuggled snake wines in airports.

Snakes are said to have the ability to hibernate, thus lowering their heart rate and metabolism, yet they can stay alive even in bottles as long as the container is not airtight. Some claim that such ability could plausibly explain such reported cases in China.


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