Chinese Boy Becomes Youngest Airplane Pilot Ever

Posted on December 9, 2013

While other five-year-olds around the world fold paper planes and toss them up in the air, this boy has just become the youngest person ever to fly a plane.

Chinese Boy Becomes Youngest Airplane Pilot Ever picture

Yide He, also known as DuoDuo, successfully flew a light aircraft for 47 minutes over Guan County in China. For three weeks, he took training sessions in one of China’s private flying clubs before taking his plane into the skies without the aid of a flight instructor.

But as the press took a closer look at the boy’s supposedly record-breaking achievement, details of abuse emerged as part of his father’s odd strategies to teach the boy new things to learn.

Lieshing He, the boy’s father, proudly calls himself “the Eagle Dad,” likening himself to the bird that forces its fledglings to fly by pushing them off from a cliff.

For many, such extremes in parenting are overboard: from having the child walk around a snowy New York City wearing only underpants and a pair of shoes to having him spend 15 hours on a climbing adventure up Mt. Fuji without an appropriate climbing outfit.

Xiaoai Ren from People’s Education Magazine argued that the context of a father forcing a child to do things against the child’s will would likely result in a distrustful trait as he deals with people around him as he grows.

But Mr. He defended his parenting style, explaining that failures in the part of the child are a result of parents who are “non-persistent.”

Official recognition of the flight as a new world record has yet to be confirmed.


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