Canada Dry Introduces Hot, Fizzy Beverage

Posted on December 6, 2013

Hot soda, anyone?

Canada Dry Introduces Hot, Fizzy Beverage picture

We know Japan does things incomparably well for its notable firsts in innovation. Now add another one on the list: Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale, a can of bubbly soda that fizzes with apple and spicy cinnamon flavor. Only this time it comes hot off the shelf.

It took the beverage giant four years of research to mix carbonated beverage with heat successfully. Finally, it has gone on sale in vending machines for only 120 yen.

Already, another beverage company has also introduced its very own Kirin no Awa fruity flavored drink, which sells for 130 yen and is targeted at women ages 20 to 30 years.

Self-heating cans of soup, coffee, and tea aren’t new in Japan, but a hot carbonated drink is, stirring our fascination with the idea of containing bubbles in a hot liquid.

So what happens when one grabs a can of hot soda and opens it? Does the drink literally explode? Get one and try one yourself.


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