Chinese Woman Trapped in Well 15 Days, Survives

Posted on December 2, 2013

In central China’s Henan province, Qixiu Su laid trapped inside an abandoned well for two weeks, with nothing but a few corncobs to eat and drops of rainwater to drink.

Chinese Woman Trapped in Well 15 Days, Survives picture

The 38-year-old woman left home in search for medicinal herbs when she accidentally fell into the abandoned well, a four-meter-deep by one-meter-wide pit isolated in a cornfield, covered with thick corn leaves. The well had walls too smooth for her to come out of on her own.

With the few corncobs she had previously collected and, thankfully, water from two rain showers within the two-week period, she survived unscathed but reduced to what witnesses described as “scarily skinny.”

Locals who harvested corn within the area eventually heard her call, and firefighters scrambled to pull her out. During the rescue, she could barely utter a word.

Qixiu Su and her family, who spent days searching for her, were reunited after the rescue.


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