China’s Foshan Court Legalizes Masturbation for ‘Happy Endings’

Posted on August 5, 2013

Anyone who has stepped foot in one of Guangdong’s sprawling massage parlors is no stranger to “happy ending” offers. But how such “happiness” is played out depends on how what’s legal and what’s not are defined.

Chinas Foshan Court Legalizes Masturbation for Happy Endings picture

How about some “breast massage?” Or perhaps a “handjob?”

Foshan Court just last year ruled that because such acts, including fondling one’s private parts, are not actually “sexual intercourse,” they are by all means legal and do not count as prostitution, which is still illegal in China.

The ruling, which drew the ire of the conservatives yet brought promising revenue for those in the sex trade, stemmed from a 2011 criminal case filed against four men who ran a massage parlor that allegedly offered “indecent services,” the South China Morning Post reported.

The Foshan Court of First Instance sentenced the accused to five years in prison. But an appeal to the Intermediate People’s Court gained favor, overturning the sentence because of “unclear facts and improper application of the law.”

Masturbation, a safer alternative to sexual intercourse is so common in China that the locals even have good names for it: “hitting airplanes,” or “playing with [one's] little brother.”

As liberating as the Foshan court ruling may be, Beijing police gave a stern warning to massage parlors still cashing in on prostitution-related services, that violators will still be prosecuted, citing a 2001 decree defining masturbation and oral sex as no different from sexual intercourse.

In addition, Chinese court rulings do not necessarily set binding precedents, according to International Business Times. Thus, dropping the charges against the four accused men does not guarantee good news for those who attempt to use the court ruling to shield them from future prosecution.

So to achieve that happily-ever-after ending, all that you may ever need is a soothing, relaxing massage to keep you away from stress — from work, or from brushing with the Chinese police.

The  photos below show recent raids by local authorities in China.

Chinas Foshan Court Legalizes Masturbation for Happy Endings picture

Chinas Foshan Court Legalizes Masturbation for Happy Endings picture


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