GooPhone to Sue Apple If iPhone 5 Is Released

Posted on September 18, 2012

We all should already know about the case of Apple against Samsung: Apple claimed that Samsung copied its ideas and used them in some of Samsung’s products.

Apple: 1
Samsung: 0

Now another company wants to be in the picture.

GooPhone to Sue Apple If iPhone 5 Is Released picture

GooPhone, a Hong Kong-based company, has reported that it will sue Apple if iPhone 5 is released.


GooPhone released its iPhone 5 clone first. According to the company, since its iPhone 5 was the first to be unveiled, any other iPhone 5 released will not be original.

Lesson learned: release your copy first to make it the original.


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GooPhone to Sue Apple If iPhone 5 Is Released picture

Renz Baxa

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Pistola Loli
Pistola Loli


Arjun Kahlon
Arjun Kahlon

True. However, Chinese patents exist to protect Chinese companies. This GooPhone would never slide in the U.S and any patents would be invalid. The Chinese see it differently.

Richard Yaboyreality Rivera
Richard Yaboyreality Rivera

Once you trademark something it can't be done by someone else iphone is trade mark by apple so iPhone 3G 3GS 4 4S and now 5 is all apple they can't used the iPhone name feel me