The World’s Filthiest and Most Dangerous Job

Posted on September 1, 2012

Just when you think that your job is the worst ever, you may want to think again.

I present you Devi Lal — one of India’s sewer divers!

The Worlds Filthiest and Most Dangerous Job picture

Devi, 43, is paid just under US$6, plus, a bottle of booze before he dives into the filthy sewers of India.

What’s more interesting is that sewer divers wear nothing but shorts, or even their underwear!

Concerning safety, according to Delhi Safai Karamchari Commision chairman Harnam Singh, almost 70% of sewer divers die on the job.

In the last six months, for instance, 61 divers have died.

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The Worlds Filthiest and Most Dangerous Job picture

Renz Baxa

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Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller

why the hell are they doing it in the first place? I know they could get something in order to do it instead of humans. wtf. jesus. gah!

Mary Delaney
Mary Delaney

I cant even read this!!! that poor man and whoever does his laundry!