Drought-ridden Indian State Spends US$3M on Rain Rituals

Posted on August 1, 2012

Bangalore, the capital city of the Indian state Karnataka, is experiencing its worst drought in 42 years. Large parts of north and central Karnataka have recorded an almost 27 percent decline in rainfall.

Drought ridden Indian State Spends US$3M on Rain Rituals picture

So what are they doing about the crisis? The local government has asked all 34,000 temples in the state to conduct special rituals for rain.

Priced at about 5,000 Indian rupees (Rs.) each, the pujas will cost 170 million rupees (Rs. 17 crore, or nearly US$3.07 million) in total.

The state’s endowments ministry released the orders. Minister K.S. Poojari clarified that the money is to fund the rituals — to propitiate the rain gods.

Churches and mosques in the area were also asked to hold special prayers for rain. The BJP government of Jagadish Shettar requested that the prayers be conducted on July 27 and August 7.

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Drought ridden Indian State Spends US$3M on Rain Rituals picture

Renz Baxa

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Pete Lipman
Pete Lipman

I thought it rained too much in India and lots of flooding. A drought is unusual.

Courtenay Casson
Courtenay Casson

Americans did this during the Dust Bowl disaster. People were performing Native American "rain dances" and towns of farmers would pay con men who said they could bomb the rain out of the skies with their biplanes and TNT. When people are desperate, they'll try anything.