Japan Spends US$125K on World’s Largest Restroom

Posted on May 28, 2012

Do you ever feel as if someone is watching you when you are using the toilet?

This might soon become a reality in Japan’s Ichihara City after they have finished constructing the biggest public restroom in the world, set on a plot of land measuring 200 square meters, and costing US$125,000.

Japan Spends US$125K on Worlds Largest Restroom  picture

They say that a 6.5-foot wall will shield women from prying eyes and that there is also a curtain they can use to further protect themselves while in the glass-encased toilet.

I am not sure if the fairer sex would feel any more secure when using this, though.

Japan Spends US$125K on Worlds Largest Restroom  picture

Surrounded by flowers and plants, the flowery fresh scent will be all that remains after you have used the toilet.

According to an official from the Tourism Promotion Department in Ichihara City, the extravagant toilet enclosure and its picturesque surroundings were created as a tourist attraction at next year’s Ichihara City Art Festival, a government-led initiative to “help improve the area through the renovation of public facilities with the help of arts.”

Men, however, will have to miss out on this one. The world’s largest restroom is for ladies only — or, so it seems, only one woman at a time.

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Japan Spends US$125K on Worlds Largest Restroom  picture
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