Reviews on Google Maps Poke Fun at ‘Hoeryong Gulag’

Posted on April 29, 2012

Posting funny and ironic reviews on specific locations found on Google Maps has become a trend, and a damn funny one.

Although most of North Korea is blacked out on Google Maps, that hasn’t stopped people from leaving some hilarious comments for the “Hoeryong Gulag.”

Reviews on Google Maps Poke Fun at Hoeryong Gulag picture

For the uninitiated, a gulag is essentially a forced labor camp. Let’s take a look at some of the better reviews.

From Mike: BEST FAT CAMP! They don’t feed you, make you work 12+ hour days, and the instructors are like drill sergeants yet better. I’m not supposed to say their secret to non-members BUT I can say P90X has nothing on their program. Admissions is easy: just be a foreigner (preferably American) and cross illegally from Russia. They literally, I mean literally, have your passes at the border just like cruise ship vouchers being handed out for attending a time share presentation. If you’re not into quick weight loss seriously this place isn’t for you and you may even consider it a crime against humanity and against every internationally adopted treaty but if you’re ready for hard core this is the place!

albano7659 had a less than enthusiastic response: Not too much to complain about. Food is below average, but it gets the job done. The cells are simple, white walls, and a metal framed bed. Sounds worse than it actually is. Your body gets used to the metal framing after a while, and the empty white walls offer a blank canvas for your imagination to paint a picture on. Executions are conducted in a timely and organized matter.

Google Maps: For all your gulag needs.


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