Determine Your Future with ‘Hello Kitty’ Tarot Cards

Posted on March 28, 2012

Hello Kitty, the mouthless bobtail cat from Japan, has become a cultural icon. Relegated to not only toys, clothing, and videos, Hello Kitty’s reach is far and wide, evident in the recent addition of a theme park and even a Hello Kitty-branded AirBus.

Since Japan is no stranger to weirdness, it’s no surprise then that the diminutive feline has made its way onto some odd products, including menstrual pads, bongs, a vibrator, and even tarot cards.

Determine Your Future with Hello Kitty Tarot Cards  picture

For some reason, having Hello Kitty predict your death is far more bizarre than her image brandished on a sexual aid. Apparently, you can get an entire set of 78 tarot cards, one of which includes the adorable character in a black hood riding a white horse and wielding a scythe as other cute animals flee in terror.

It may not predict your death, but at least it’s adorable.


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