Best Wedding Photo Ever…Or Is It?

Posted on September 4, 2011

Every couple wants memorable pictures on their big day, the problem is that most of them turn out to be pretty ordinary.  Beautiful and memorable, yes, but ordinary.  That is until Korean couple Julian Sunmi Park and benjamin Jinsuk Lee tied the knot.

They chose to go the road less traveled with a zombie themed wedding album.  The amount of awesomeness that they have created on this, their most special day is…um…well…awesome!

Shot with lighting that reminds you of classic cult films and the capture of seemingly unstaged originality makes these pictures that much more special.  It’s easy to see that these fun creative newlyweds have raised the bar for genera inspired wedding pictures.


Wesley Roberts

Wesley Roberts

Wesley Roberts

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17 thoughts on “Best Wedding Photo Ever…Or Is It?

    1. OhReally

      Obon is all about ghosts returning to their families to celebrate and it is a happy occasion in Japan. They even have people dress up to depict the ghosts and perform them in dances and songs.

      People can have fun you know…

      1. Earnest

        Well, he seems to mean, that the shovel is manufactured by Jackson Professional Tools and that zombies are a Western concept so can't or wouldn't be in Asia.

        Granted, his first point is interesting. His second point… well, there is much zombie media in Asia, at least in Japan. They do indeed no what zombies are. Just like I am am free to stage photos with oni and a chollima.

  1. fishpie

    Am I the only one who noticed that the zombie looks like that creepy guy from the Twilight movies? (Do you think they planned that?)


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