Dead Baby Pills: China’s New Stamina Enhancer

Posted on August 5, 2011

That’s right, just when you thought you heard it all, China comes out with a stamina pill made from dead babies.

A Korean TV documentary team went on a search for the truth behind the dead baby pill, and what they found was shocking.

They tracked down a hospital that sells deceased babies, mostly abortions or still births, to medicine companies.

When the hospital has a deceased baby case, the staff, who are openly involved, are instructed to immediately  notify the medicine company.  The documentary team reveals the super secret process of how the Dead Baby Pill is made.

The medicine company stores these dead babies in a normal family’s refrigerator, so no one can find out.  Then, when ready to use, they put the dead baby in a medical drying microwave, also located in someone’s house.  Once dry, they grind it up and put it in the capsule.

At a very high price the documentary team got their hands on some of these pill and had them tested.

The results:  99.7% HUMAN

From the test results they were also able to tell the gender and found hair and nail remnants.

The business of the dead baby pill is secretive and expensive, but it’s not without the consent of the deceased mother.  Microwave dried placenta is another brand of pill that are openly made by this medical company.

I’m not sure if the placenta or the dead baby pill gives you more stamina, but I can tell you that I’m sticking with coffee.

The documentary will air on the 6th of August 2011 on SBS TV in South Korea.


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48 thoughts on “Dead Baby Pills: China’s New Stamina Enhancer

  1. canadianhobo

    ayo man thi shit is mad fuckin crazy, who da fuck wants powdered fuckin babies in their system mayne? sounds fuckin ridiculous, some resident evil umbrella shit right there, its DEAD FUCKIN BABYZ for fucks sake

  2. anon

    So instead of stem cell research, they decide to waste the fetuses on something as trivial as stamina? This angers me…

  3. Usessimpletools

    I'm Asian and I can openly say that those doing this and those using these pills are 'tards. At least it's not done without the mother's consent but I wonder if they are paid for the fetus/still birth? Also, if the price is right, would a woman consider having an abortion?

  4. seriously?

    if the things you read on weirdasianews are the only things you use to define "yellow race" as you do now, lord have mercy. i don't know what your "race" (you mean to say ethnicity or nationality) is, but i can definitely think of some either insanely stupid / horridly vulgar / incomprehensibly irresponsible or immoral things non-asians commit. your blatant ignorance, for one?

  5. Jim Em

    If a story says "bad China" then it is true.

    Anyone else find that troubling that bogus news can be made up without question?

    Even if it is true, the story does not indicate if the practice is illegal, state sanctioned or something the Chinese people would find sickening (which I can assure you they will)

    Give me a video camera and I can make up the same story about the USA. Problem is, of course, it wouldn't get a bit of play, but "bad China" it sure does.

    1. The Unwelcome Guest

      I totally share your sentiment, but reality check: you won't find dead baby pills in the US. Not that there aren't people who would do it if they could get away with it, but that sort of thing doesn't even have a market in the US. You can blame the Chinese failures in the past 60 years of culture destruction, education annihilation, etc., but it's not entirely unfair for citizens of more developed countries to look at this sort of thing coming out of China and say, "How barbaric!" What is needed is not Chinese coverups, corruption, and censorship… China needs to experience several Enlightenments which they (shame on them) keep at bay.

      1. kdidoslwo

        The USA might not sell dead baby pills but it's not like sick crap doesn't happen here under the radar and hushed by the media. The US is having serious problems with children being trafficked for sex. A lot of them are sold or abducted from other countries and brought to the US. If the USA really wants to judge the Chinese then maybe we shouldn't borrow so much money from them if we don't like how things are run there.

  6. valhalla

    They are a -weird mob ,and known for being one of the cruelest countries in the world ,but surely -even the Chinese would not sink so low as this.

  7. corporatebastard

    IMO it's a law of averages, just think of how many sick f****s there are in the western world and the type of f***** up stuff some western companies get up to (Monsanto, Chiquita, Nestle) now multiply that by China's population and see the likelyhood.

    Throw in much laxer governance standards and that number goes higher.

    Usessimpletools is right these guys are tards but there's more tards in China just because there's more people.

    And I have seen pictures of an unborn fetus meal a couple of years ago… one of my chinese colleagues showed me.

  8. swb

    Why are you posting fake news just to make China seem more barbaric?
    You based this article on the dead fetuses that you claim the Chinese are eating, although you knew clearly that it's from an art exhibition by an controversial artist named Zhu Yu. He called it "Eating people", and was ported from all art halls, but still held an exhibition in secret in Shang Hai.

  9. thisarticleisBS

    This article is TOTALLY BS.
    Thanks the koreans and americans for making China as barbaric as they can. I can't find any real sources on this. Or if you please, provide me some real chinese link with it.

  10. Nancy

    Soylent Green – yep. Are we talking fetus or baby – I think there is a big difference in the definition.

    1. twinkie1cat

      Probably just about the same to them since they have a one child policy in China where they force people to have abortions.

  11. twinkie1cat

    Soylent Green is People!!! And with the human rights record of China I am not in the least bit surprised at this. They also eat dogs, by the way. I don't know why President Bush started us trading with this country in the first place. Oh, I know why: MONEY!!! The god of the Republican party. I have also heard that they just execute a prisoner when they have someone who needs an organ transplant and can pay well for it.

    We won't be much better off in America if the teapartiers take over.

  12. @STOCK_S

    Boy I will say no more drinks from outsiders… and I am so glad I hate to take pills.. but this is really really CRAZY Stuff.. what else are we gonna do… this is like the over load or BAD #Thingy


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