Couple in China Buys Video Games by Selling Their Kids
July 25, 2011 | by Lycurgus

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that a Chinese couple sold their kids to buy and play video games at Internet cafes, or that they had three kids and were both under the age of 21.

According to the Sanxiang City News, the second child of Li Lin and Li Juan was sold for less than $500, while their first and third child were sold for around $4600 shortly after.

The couple was turned in after Li Lin, the father, told his mother what happened. She took them to the police, where they apparently showed no remorse.

The parents are young and naive, so when asked about their nefarious deeds, they stated that they were unaware what they were doing is illegal. “We didn’t want to raise them,” they said. “We just want to sell them for some money.”

The couple met in an Internet cafe in 2007, and shortly after meeting quickly consummated the relationship and moved in together, spending most of their time playing video games in Internet cafes. Shortly after their first child was born in 2008, they left it at home and traveled 30km to play video games.

Parents of the year, these two are.

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  • What they was best for the kids.

  • What happened to the children? Anyone know?

  • i'd say it's better the kids aren't with these scum-of-the-earth "parents", but there's no indication the kids were rescued from whoever bought them.

  • Wow, talking about dedicated gamers? lol.

  • It's times like these that I'm not terribly upset that China has the highest execution rate in the world.

    • That statistic is not true. That title belongs to the US.

      So why don't they do an article where some redneck bitch microwaved their infant baby because it was crying and taking too much from their crack fund.

      The writer of this article is only serving to support special interests that are anti-China and anti-gaming. Shame on you.

      • I live in Asia, I'm Chinese, and I'm VERY anti-china. The Mainland Chinese are dominated by scum that would sell their own grandmothers for a half cooked dumpling. You like them so much? Go live in mainland China for a few years.

        China sucks, and on that note, so do video games.

        • Yeah, it's rather sad, actually – most friends of mine in Japan and Vietnam view China like we Americans view backwater rednecks.

      • Are you out of your freaking mind – of course China has the highest execution rate in the world BY FAR!!! Here are the OFFICIAL numbers in 2004 ( they have stopped putting out official numbers since then and the estimate is that they are much higher.)
        Total in 2004
        1 China 3,400
        2 Iran 159
        3 Vietnam 64
        4 United States 59
        5 Saudi Arabia 33
        6 Pakistan 15
        7 Kuwait 9
        8 Bangladesh 7

        Shame on you for defending the indefensible!!!!

        • That's because the majority of south asia, african and middle east countries have no such statistics AT ALL.
          In India and Pakistan family heads have the legal right to murder the female members in the family as they see fit.
          In sub-sahara Africa half the people die before they turn 40.
          China tops the list because China is large, and it's (relatively) civilized when compared to all those countries more than half of earth's population live in.

      • And yet, the U.S. execution rate is way too low. Honestly, it needs to be at least doubled. It's ridiculous how pathetic people can be on the issue.

        People die. Sometimes fairly, sometimes unfairly. Deal with it, accept it and embrace it.

        Pathetic whiners.

        As for who the actual leaders in executions are, I would guess that you need to decide on how you want to calculate it. Total number of executions? Average executions/population? "Legal" executions by governments? It's all very ambiguous.

  • Obvious hoax is obvious. Ever heard of the 1 child policy?

  • what ever you just typed up doesn't relate to this article, so stfu and gtfo! damn trolls better crawl back under the bridge. poor kids deserve better, where's brad and angie?

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