Rare Donkey-Zebra Hybrid Born in China

Posted on July 20, 2011

Animal hybrids are awesome, especially when they’re given funny names, like cock-a-poo and zonkey. While a cock-a-poo is relatively common among breeders of “fancy” dogs, the zonkey is relatively rare.

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In China, however, one has been born and is now on display at the Xiamen Haicang zoo where it was born. Formed from the mating of a female zebra and a male donkey, this “zonkey,” also known as a zebonkey, zebrinny, zebrula, zebrass (my personal favorite), and zedonk, weighed about 4.7 stone when it was born.

A veterinarian assisted in the birth of the bizarre hybrid animal, but was quickly sent to graze with her freaky child. They’re now both on display at the zoo.

The zonkey has what appears to be long legs decorated with the zebra’s characteristic zebra stripes. No telling if it’s brown with black and white stripes, though.


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