Japanese Ice Aquarium Offers Cool Alternative to Normal Aquariums

Posted on July 9, 2011

Aquariums are always a great summer activity, especially when the temperature refuses to stop climbing. You get to walk around room after room of stunning displays of marine life, from lowly starfish to sharks, the garbage pits of the sea. The Japanese have figured out a way to beat the heat without all the necessary upkeep found with traditional aquariums.

The Kori no Suizokukan, or the “ice aquarium,” is located in Kesennuma in northeastern Japan, and features approximately 450 specimens frozen in ice. Bathed in blue light, presumably for atmosphere, the specimens include about 80 different species of marine life, flash frozen as they’re unloaded at Kesennuma’s port on the Pacific Ocean.

The temperature inside is a cool 5 degrees Fahrenheit, making warm jackets and pants a necessity.

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One thought on “Japanese Ice Aquarium Offers Cool Alternative to Normal Aquariums

  1. guest

    I guess it's easier to clean than a real aquarium. Coming next: dolphins and whales from the annual slaughter. Meaningless deaths for your entertainment. congrats.


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