Fashionable “Cat Ears” from Japan Responds to Brain Waves

Posted on May 17, 2011

The Japanese are responsible for a lot of bizarre innovations. One such example is the “pee and poop audio masker,” which helps to mask the sound of your daily constitutionals. Now they’ve moved to harnessing the power of brain waves to create cat ears that respond to your emotions.

YouTube Preview Image

The distinct possibility that this is nothing more than a poor attempt to control your mind notwithstanding, the concept is definitely something you would expect from the Land of the Rising Sun and is sure to be a big hit among locals and weaboo’s alike. For the uninitiated, a weaboo is, customarily, an American or other non-Japanese individual so obsessed with Japanese culture (typically anime/manga), that they prefer to think they’re Japanese rather than their respective culture.

Per the video, the cat ears “read” brain waves and respond to your “emotions.” For example, when you’re concentrating on something or focused, the ears stand upright; when you’re relaxed or apparently sad, they fall down. The company that makes them is called Neurowear, which sounds suspiciously like a company from a distant future that, well, wants to control your mind.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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