Japanese Cartoon Explains Nuclear Crisis To Kids
March 29, 2011 | by V Saxena

Japanese artist Hachiya Kazuhiko has released a cartoon video designed to explain Japan’s nuclear crisis to young children.

The nuclear crisis in Japan is a very complicated situation that even some adults are having difficulty grasping. As such, artist Hachiya Kazuhiko, who likes to study the “symbiosis between art and science,” has created a video featuring ‘Nuclear Boy,’ who is supposed to represent the plant in Fukushima.

In the video, Nuclear Boy is suffering a stomachache, and doctors (who clearly represent the brave workers at the plant) are trying to ease his pain by giving him medicine (which represents the water).

The doctors are also busy trying to deal with Nuclear Boy’s diarrhea, which has left plenty of nasty diapers chockablock with poop (which represents the nuclear waste).

Basically, this video has replaced all technical jargon with simple to understand ideas and concepts like tummy aches and poop.

Nuclear Boy eventually starts to feel much better,  though that doesn’t really fit with the situation in Japan—where the situation is in fact still very grave.

Regardless, the video ends with Nuclear Boy saying, “I will pray for people in Fukushima that peace will come to them soon.”

Check out the clip below to see the video for yourself.

YouTube Preview Image

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V Saxena
I hail from Raleigh, North Carolina. I was raised in America and intend to bring up my children as proud Americans because I am defined by neither my past nor the color of my skin, but rather by the path I choose to take in life. It is this option to be who and what I want that has me so enamored with my Mother country: the United States of America. For more information, please visit http://conservativenewsfeed.com.
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  • Honestly, cant decide ….is this good or funny or stupid….I mean I just don't know, on one hand there is a fair degree of misinformation supplied by TEPCO which the Govt. propagated as truth till it could hold it no longer and has now squeamishly apologised for … and this attempt to familiarise Kids with the horror that might face them with Poop as the theme….while its understandable that kids wont be able to take more than that but why? why? there has been a lot of shit around already and there is plenty more in the making……..Its such a beautiful country and the Japanese are such nice people…they deserve better.

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