Prisoner’s Shackles So Tight That Flesh Grows Over Them

Posted on December 9, 2010

For Zhang Chuanqiu, an unfortunate 27-year-old prisoner in China, his jail sentence over a loan dispute has proved to be a lot worse than anyone ever bargained for and a lot worse than he deserved!

His arms were chained so tightly that flesh began to grow over the shackles as he wastes away in an illegal prison.

Village officials locked Zhang to a cowshed back in 2005 and to date he is still shackled at least as far as anyone knows.

“They are always inflamed and ooze pus all the time. But we have no money so I have to rely on charity or the good heart of a hospital or doctor to save my hands,” says Zhang who is always in pain.

Ha this man already served enough of his sentence?

Some would clearly say, yes indeed!




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5 thoughts on “Prisoner’s Shackles So Tight That Flesh Grows Over Them

  1. glowndark

    I'm overseas Chinese! look at me , you moron mainland chinese!!! have you no heart to treat someone that bad? is this your 5000 years civilization? are you better than those japanese who raped Nanjing?

  2. Shayne Pockette

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