Ark Hotel Constructed in Six Days

Posted on November 26, 2010

In an amazing feat of productivity, a construction crew in the south-central Chinese city of Changsha has completed a 15-story hotel in just six days. If it seems like the-seventh-day-they-should-have-stopped-to-rest kind of biblical tale, be assured that it isn’t.

This remarkable achievement may be the cause of considerable disorientation, as locals who may have been away from the downtown neighborhood of the new Ark Hotel for a week or so may wonder how they could have missed seeing such a large structure.

The work crew erected the soundproofed, thermal-insulated structure said to be built to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake with all prefabricated materials. Both off and onsite crews were used to build the different sections and arrange them on the foundation.

The floors and walls of the new hotel are solid, airtight and sound proof even though the construction materials utilized are much lighter.

The sustainable hotel already had its foundation, but by using pre-fabricated columns and modules as well as modern construction techniques, construction workers only needed 46 hours to finish the main structural components and another 90 hours for the building enclosure.

The workers remained on the job until 10 pm every night; an anomaly in the modern Western workplace.

Despite the frenzied pace of construction, no workers were injured and to top it all off, thanks to the prefabricated nature of the building process, very few construction materials went to waste.

Below is a time-lapse video that shows the hotel being built from the ground up in less than a week. A picture, as always, is worth a thousand words.

YouTube Preview Image

One can only wonder about the inside of the hotel.

Is the hotel staff constructed from prefabricated materials as well?




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7 thoughts on “Ark Hotel Constructed in Six Days

  1. Twisted_Colour

    The workers remained on the job until 10 pm every night; an anomaly in the modern Western workplace

    Ummm… no, it's not.

  2. AKA

    I step one foot in that building, the surface is likely as soft as a feather and can hold any large amount of weight, just the typical Chinese…Cheap and extremely cheesy.

  3. AKA

    There is no way this building is sturdy enough to withhold a large amount of human weight, I would never step foot int this building because someone would likely come crashing through the ceiling, just the typical Chinese…cheesy and cheap.

  4. coll

    Don’t under stand your guys, there are a lot of good quality ones build by Chinese as well. Based on the speedy itself, nothing need to be worried, in the states, they used to build a bridge within few months instead of a few years since they have been paid high enough to do so. Don't be TOO judgemental on everything.


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