Hot Wings and Hooters Pop Up in Japan

Posted on November 7, 2010

After five years of negotiation and preparation, Hooters has finally brought chicken wings and hot babes to the Land of the Rising Sun.

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On October 25th, Hooters of America Inc. opened its first-ever Japanese outlet right in the dab middle of Tokyo. Featuring 40 scantily clad Japanese hooters girls, the restaurant will inherit everything that made its original counterpart in Atlanta so famous. I’m talking about the same sexy outfits, the same over-sized TVs, and the same delicious menu with to-die-for hot & spicy wings!

There is however going to be one difference. Whereas Hooters restaurants in America focus more pleasing men with unadulterated sex appeal, its Japanese counterpart is more concerned with presenting a “healthy, friendly, and hospitable” image that concurs with the Japanese culture.

“Of course, we expect a lot of guys to come here to see the girls,” said Mitsu Tanabe, CEO of Hooters Japan. “[But] It’s not the image of Hooters that we want.”

Truthfully, the whole mixture of “entertainment and showbiz as well as good food and drink is completely new to Japan,” noted Coby Brooks, an American franchise who attended the launch party. But he is optimistic about the results, which is why more restaurants are on their way.

Mind you all future Hooters in Japan will only be situated in similarly nice communities & areas, lest the girls garner the attention of malicious street thugs, ninjas, and other riffraff.

Well done, Hooters! But be on a lookup for American rappers touring in Japan. I heard through the grapevine that they LOVE hot wings, not to mention hot babes!

Hot Wings and Hooters Pop Up in Japan picture

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Hot Wings and Hooters Pop Up in Japan picture

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