Crazy Lady Attacks Child For the Love of Money
October 28, 2010 | by V Saxena

Money is a wonderful thing. With it you can get almost anything you desire, even love (ever heard of a massage parlor?). So it’s not surprising that people do crazy things for money, like streak naked in front of the US President. However, what India native Manju Devi did definitely is shocking!

35-year-old Manju sliced off the tongue of her neighbor’s 4-month-old daughter because she thought it’d make her rich.

According to reports, some “self-professed Godman” (aka a Quack) told her to do it. He’s been stopping by her home lately to lecture her on ‘Godly’ things, and apparently he told her that slicing a young girl’s tongue would bring her riches.

Regardless, the girl thankfully survived the ordeal, though at the time of this writing, she is still in critical condition. And there is no word on whether they were able to reattach her tongue.

As for Mansi, she’s not rich, but everybody does think she’s a bitch. It looks like she’ll be going off to jail for a very long time. As for the Godman, he’s unfortunately disappeared, so keeps yours eyes and ears open!

If some strange-looking fellow knocks on your door and tells you he knows the secret to getting rich, I suggest you avoid speaking with him!

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V Saxena
I hail from Raleigh, North Carolina. I was raised in America and intend to bring up my children as proud Americans because I am defined by neither my past nor the color of my skin, but rather by the path I choose to take in life. It is this option to be who and what I want that has me so enamored with my Mother country: the United States of America. For more information, please visit
  • Hope she rots in jail. Idiots like this should not breed and make more idiots.

  • Correction: she's not just an idiot, she's an EVIL, GREEDY, IDIOT.

  • Hope she dies!!

  • You morons, its the holymans fault. Hes abused a position of power and trust by manipulating this impressionable savage. Money is a massively powerful force, and if a holyman tells a very spiritual persons (the kind that marry dogs n shiz) to chop off a girls tongue for piles of wonga, they will.

    • You're quite ignorant, aren't you?
      It was as much the woman's fault as it was the man's. He may have manipulated the woman into doing such a horrendous crime, but this was on the issue of money. Seriously, a girl may now grow up without a tongue because her neighbor savagely cut it off for money.
      Even if she was very religious, that still does not justify the fact that she obeyed the man's instructions for something like money.

  • Let me correct you guys: The woman AND man should rot in jail. The man is obviously a loon as well.

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