Rent An Entire Hotel In Tokyo For a Mere $671,000 Per Night!

Posted on October 20, 2010

Always trying to top your friends and neighbors when throwing a party?  Want to go to extravagant heights where truly few have been before?

If you have answered yes to either of these two questions and have money to burn, the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Hotel may have just the answer for you even though you could have probably bought at least a small bed and breakfast for the cost of one night’s fun.

Rent An Entire Hotel In Tokyo For a Mere $671,000 Per Night! picture

The Mandarin offers a deal that is beyond coupons and discounts; the entire use of the entire hotel, including nine Michelin-rated restaurants and all spas and rooms for a cool $671,000 a night! (It is not known if this includes tips.)

In honor of its fifth anniversary and in the hopes of gaining some recognition from the Guinness World Records people once a reservation is finalized, the luxury five-star hotel, which is located in central Tokyo (Nihonbashi District), began promoting the plan as “something splashy.”

“When the hotel opened we had an exclusive party like this; black tie, cocktail dresses. There was music and drinks and food from the restaurants, and it was all quite grand. We thought it would be fun to offer the same experience to an exclusive group of guests” said hotel spokeswoman Chie Hayakawa.

For the Japanese equivalent of US $671,800 (55 million yen), the unusual hotel offering includes reserved use of the entire hotel, which includes 178 guest rooms, all nine restaurants and all spas from 3:00 in the afternoon to noon the next day. The World Pastry Team Championship winners cater desserts and the price includes a cocktail reception for 500.

Hayakawa told the press that the hotel has already received a number of inquiries, but mostly from companies. She claims that individuals would be just as welcome, but besides Donald Trump, Arabian oil magnates, the royal family and a some other privileged few, who could possible consider this on a one to one basis?

“The only thing is, you have to pick a date where there are no reservations already. It’s not as if you could just request it for later this week.”

Rent An Entire Hotel In Tokyo For a Mere $671,000 Per Night! picture

The offer is available until November 30, 2011, providing you pick a date that hasn’t already been reserved.

Well, what are you waiting for?


Rent An Entire Hotel In Tokyo For a Mere $671,000 Per Night! picture


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That's a LOT of money to spend for one night!

Ryan Lee Hannant
Ryan Lee Hannant

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