Japanese Massage in Mumbai: Martial Arts and Healing

Posted on August 20, 2010

Aeropagus, also known as the ‘temple of healing’, is the city of Mumbai’s very first Japanese spa. Twenty-three-year-old-entrepreneur, Buongthangmawi Khawbung, has created a unique cosmos of relaxation in which martial arts, techniques, particularly those of Tai Chi, have been incorporated into her special healing massages.

Japanese Massage in Mumbai: Martial Arts and Healing  picture

Located at Shivaji Park, one enters Aeropagus to the sounds of soothing music, cascading water and dim lights. These elements transport the mind and body to another softer more peaceful place.

“The Japanese people have a lot of healing techniques…This ‘temple of healing’ has massages based on Japanese, Greek and Chinese methods. I feel the Japanese massage has more energy healing elements,” says Khawbung.

The slow tempo and graceful movements of Tai Chi are the elements she has blended into her massage therapy. She firmly believes it is the unhurried pace that is the force behind the dispersal of energy. The Aeropagus Signature Therapy is a combination of Tai Chi, Purification therapy ((blood and skin emphasis) and Yuki energy, which focuses on the healing of muscles and joints.

Presently, she is seeking full rights to this therapy via registration at the International Spa Association. Her ability to transform a martial art into a massage is commendable for so young a soul.

“There was a lot of research and thought put into this. It took me one year to research all the therapies. I learned human anatomy. I already knew Tai Chi as a martial art but I had to try and test it as a therapy,” says Khawbung.

She has brought Japanese massage to Mumbai as a gift to the city that she now calls home. Its fast pace of life has been a challenge for her, presenting a hurdle that these soothing massages have helped her overcome.

“In Mumbai we all are in desperate need of therapeutic massages – a reason and need to remove the blockages in our body, to unwind and rejuvenate our body,” she states.

Japanese Massage in Mumbai: Martial Arts and Healing  picture

Only one question remains.

How can those of us who don’t live in Mumbai get an appointment as soon as possible?

What do YOU think about this?


Japanese Massage in Mumbai: Martial Arts and Healing  picture


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