Kung Fu Barber Gives Upside Down Haircuts
July 18, 2010 | by Bill Lehane

Chinese hairdresser trained in kung fu is turning heads with his unique way of cutting hair – while standing on his head.

Wang Xiaoyu of Changsha in Hunan Province was first spotted last year by local media, who found him styling a person’s hair while doing a handstand.

Wang, 36, has been working as a hair stylist for the past 16 years. His new technique makes surprising use of his 18 years’ training in kung fu.

While some say his methods are just a gimmick to attract business, Wang has had many satisfied customers since he started to combine his kung fu skills with his day job.

It is not known whether these customers are pleased with the haircuts they get, or if they simply come for the novelty of having their hair cut by an upside down kung fu expert.

Wang’s technique could be the strangest hair styling method seen since Italian-American hairdresser Pietro Santoro was found to be cutting hair over a naked flame in Washington D.C. last year.

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Bill Lehane
Bill Lehane, 28, is a journalist and freelance writer from Dublin, Ireland. He recently returned from six months working as a teacher in east China, which gave him a chance to experience many of the wide, weird and wacky sights that make up daily life in the Middle Kingdom. However, he did not succeed in teaching the local teenagers anything whatsoever: they still love Michael Jackson, KFC and themselves. More at billlehane.com.
Bill Lehane

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