Baby in China Born with Second Face
July 3, 2010 | by Lycurgus

Children born with facial deformities are always a sad tale. Whether or not it’s something correctable, such as a cleft palate, or something you just have to live with, like Moebius syndrome, it’s always gut-wrenching that a poor child has to suffer such a condition. One such example is Kangkang, a 14-month old born with a transverse facial cleft. What does this mean?

It means the baby essentially has a second face. Hailing from the Hunan province, all signs pointed to a normal, healthy baby for young Yi Xilian, but once Kangkang was born, the truth was revealed. The poor child looks like he’s literally wearing a mask, due in part to a massive cleft that extends almost all the way up to his ears. Unable to see her son upon birth, the unfortunate mother, who is employed at a company that manufactures electronics in the Guangdong Province, pleaded and pleaded with her husband to see the newborn. After finally be handed the child, she broke down into tears.

No one knows what causes this unfortunate condition, though theories abound. It could be caused by an infection, or even frequent drug use by the mother. According to one source, the only drugs the mother took while pregnant were prescribed anti-abortion agents her doctors prescribed. Sadly, this condition is incredibly expensive to treat, as Yi learned when she took Kangkang at 20-days old to a hospital in Changsha. The final tally: around 300-400,000 Yen, or approximately 80,000 to 100,000 dollars.

Thankfully, there is a happy ending, as Kangkang’s family has managed to gather together enough money for treatment at the People’s Liberation Army’s Military No. 163 Hospital.

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  • This is truly shocking image i ever seen such baby born this way. Hope the operation succeed removing the second face.

  • this is so sad, i was so shocked when i saw the picture, i hope the surgery will be successful.

  • wow, that was scary …but anyways i hope that baby good luck :)

  • I hope you guys post the update on this baby post-surgery! :) Wishing him all the best.

  • at least its a baby boy…. >.>

  • It is easy to blame pesticides, heavy metals and chemicals for this but in the past mothers would frequently die during child birth. that was probably more heart wrenching for everybody concerned! Asia is concerned with "saving face" so one is not surprised that the tin rattled and the funds were found to fix him.

  • You conversion of money is off… 300,000-400,000 yuan is only around 44,000-60,000 USD. This is truly sad though.

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    I always thought the Phantom of the Opera was freaky…

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  • All the best for the surgery.
    from Canada ;)

  • Poor Baby…. :o( xxx

  • The look on that woman's face is like "Fuuuuuuu!"

  • Yen should read yuan… Wrong country Lycurgus!

  • Am I the only one who noticed the baby was playing WITH a pill bottle in the picture?

  • Would it be humane just to terminate it? A reaallly late abortion or something?

  • There is nothing scary about this baby, its just so unfortunate, what if you are the one who has two face,no one wants to be deformed. And stop cursing this child!!

    • its not normal dumbass ! yes it is a little scary thats why hes gunna look nice after his surgery so shut up and go die bye :D

      • Yeah, like that little child had a choice to look 'normal'.
        I understand that this might startle you a bit, but you have no right to go and start commenting negatively about this poor baby.
        Oh, by the way. I think YOU should be the one to go and fucking die, you worthless piece of shit, so shut up and bye. :)

  • why….so………….serious?!

  • A Vizard!!!

  • LOLOLOL this baby looks as if it licked louisiana beaches loooooool

  • lol what a comment
    , phantom of the opera

  • Then Yen is Japanese currency.

  • I hope he's not gonna be laughed by others.

    • sadly we are not living in little whiter people land we living in the real world so yes hes gunna be amde fun of ! its the way it goes

  • I didn’t really believe the picture when I first saw it.

  • so scary, i can't imagine that..

  • There is no need to even say "poor baby" .. There is nothing wrong with the child!
    His parents are blessed to have such a lovely little boy. He's a little star and people should stop being so cruel – "late abortion" .. Get over yourself you idiot. He's a lovely baby and every child deserves a chance at life!

  • I'm so amazed at this little baby, I honestly think he is the coolest looking baby I have ever laid eyes on.

  • This baby is awesome…truly special and unique! I hope this child gets lots of love. Go back to reading your fashion magazine.

  • They should keep it how it is! It would make one badass supervilain! rofl

  • honestly I wish that family the best of luck

  • thats kinda kewl

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  • I didn't believe the picture at first, either, but it's actually kind of cute, if a little eerie. There are a lot worse defects he could have had. I hope his treatment will work and he'll have a good life.

  • so he has a face on a face? i dont get it someone please explain?

  • Just hope the surgery is successful and he’s able to live a somewhat “normal” life. It looks like he may need a couple surgeries to fix that cleft.

  • Stupids … Get a lifeeeee

  • The Eastern Plague

    This baby is cute, but society is cruel, and obviously unmanageable. I think they are doing a selfless thing by allowing him the surgery he needs to eventually lead a normal life. On another note, as for the “little whiter people land” comment, if eating & torturing innocent dog/cats, treating women like shit, and well, being loud, rude, with dark age cruelty is the “real world”, then I am loving it over here in Western Civilization in my cozy suburban home. And last, learn proper English Grammar, or else stick with your own native language. Insulting makes you sound, well. . .either retarded or underage, pick one. First off it’s “You’re ugly” not “Your ugly”. Second it’s “ho” not “hoe”. Hoe is a gardening tool, and Ho is short for “Hotel”. Third it’s “white people” not “whiter”, saying whiter would be implying that you are somewhat white and we are just whiter than you. Four, it’s “we’re living in the real world”, “gonna” not “gunna”, and use some fucking punctuation. You guys are fucking idiots, it’s simple, the kid looks fine, even though he looks like “Ike” from South Park. But Ike is cute too. Go type into Google “Girl Born With No Face”, and there you will see a serious problem. You guys have Google right? Or do you have inferior tiny penis Google called “ting ting long dong”. If so, after searching for gay porn, type in what I suggested.

  • mom made a mistake and her kid will pay for whole life

  • Wait.. that is a real face! I THOUGHT THAT WAS A MASK!!!!

  • As Nicola said, and I quote:
    "There is no need to even say "poor baby" .. There is nothing wrong with the child!
    His parents are blessed to have such a lovely little boy. He's a little star and people should stop being so cruel – "late abortion" .. Get over yourself you idiot. He's a lovely baby and every child deserves a chance at life!"

    I totally agree with this. I am not so sure sergery would help, it would leave intensive scaring and other, more worse looking, surgically impailed deformation. But, if they can do it at no harm, physical or otherwise, to the lovely baby boy, then do so ever so carefully. He is already going to have a hard life, dont make it harder.

  • thats one phantom baby

  • uggggg-leeeeeee

  • Can he see out of the first face as well? Like does he just see the back of his second face?

  • im breaking down in tears right now this is so sad.

  • They're really throwing people off when they said its a second face, I looked more into this case and its basically that the jawline is split up to the ears so it juts out, making it look like he's "wearing a mask" The baby has one set of eyes and nose, its just a skeletal deformity

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