North Korea Touts Mind-Expanding Liquid Brain Juice

Posted on June 16, 2010

The government of North Korea claims it has fashioned a mind-expanding, liquid brain juice dubbed the ‘Super Drink’ that can supposedly multiply brain hells and halt skin aging.

Leave it to the world’s most bizarre and out-of-date regime to produce an anti-oxidation drink that, according to the secretive Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), “protects skin from wrinkles and black spots, and prevents such geriatric diseases as cerebral haemorrhage [sic], myocardium and brain infarction by removing acid effete matters in time.”

The Telegraph reports that the mixture contains 60 types of “microelements” extracted from over 30 species of plants. The combination evidently helps improve mental acuity and retention by “multiplying brain cells.” How exactly the juice does this is unclear. Moreover, the KCNA has yet to release the drink’s name or announce its official arrival date on store shelves.

They did however claim that the juice was well received by Chinese, German and other businessmen at a trade fair in Pyongyang last month. Plus they quoted company manager, Jong Song Ho, who testified that the juice “proved efficacious among workers of such industrial establishments as thermal power station and smeltery and at medical institutions.”

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16 thoughts on “North Korea Touts Mind-Expanding Liquid Brain Juice

  1. a skeptic sipper

    If the quoted grammar in that article is any indication of the drink’s efficacy, I’ll just stick with my orange juice, thanks

  2. NotSoSerious

    '…evidently helps improve mental acuity and retention by “multiplying brain cells.”'

    It's from the nuclear fallout from testings near freshwater that these drinkers may be exposed to which give them comic-book mutant powers. (READ MY MIND, NOW~~~~WOOOOOOO!)

  3. susan veres

    a small country has to excel at something—-before laughing off this naturalpathic drink, why not hope it is a mixture of all good things that will help any aging population?


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