Korean Woman Earns License After 960 Tries
May 14, 2010 | by V Saxena

Back in September 2009, we covered the story of Cha Sa-soon, a 69-year-old South Korean woman who, over a period of four years, spent over 4,000,000 won ($3,500) on driving tests—all of which she failed miserably. It appears that all her hard work paid off, as Miss Sa-soon has finally earned her license!

It took Cha Sa-soon over 960 tries, but she is now an official member of South Korea’s driving club. According to the Huffington Post, Miss Sa-soon passed the written portion of the exam on November 4, 2009 with a minimum passing score of 60 out of 100. After that came the driving test.

Surprisingly, it took Miss Sa-soon only 10 tries before she mastered the drive, which is quite a masterful feat, at least in comparison to her written performance. The irony is that more often than not, the driving test—especially the parallel parking—proves to be the most difficult for potential drivers seeking their license. Apparently, this rule of thumb worked backwards for Miss Sa-soon.

So what are her plans now? Yonhap reports say that Miss Sa-soon intends to buy a used car in the hope of visiting her children and improving her vegetable-selling business.

We wish Miss Sa-soon much luck, but beg her to remember to always drive defensively because driving is a privilege, not a luxury!

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V Saxena
I hail from Raleigh, North Carolina. I was raised in America and intend to bring up my children as proud Americans because I am defined by neither my past nor the color of my skin, but rather by the path I choose to take in life. It is this option to be who and what I want that has me so enamored with my Mother country: the United States of America. For more information, please visit http://conservativenewsfeed.com.
  • I don't think that the licensing exam was to be a Korean MMO? Grind for achievements much?

  • ok it took me one time to get my lisciens and im 16 years old….you would think after the first 50 tries she would get it …. even the first 200 tries but seriously 960 tries to get a liciens…. someone should not be on the road….

    • Where did you get your "lisciens/liciens"? Written tests in Asian countries are much harder compared to North American ones.

  • she should have failed 40 more times just to make it an even 1000

  • The fact that someone who can’t even spell ‘license’ and misspelled it twice – in two different ways! – when the word is in the headline (spelled correctly, mind you), is on the road slightly bothers me.

  • This made me smile lol

  • @ Klaus – I thought you were speaking about me, so I reread my article like 5x trying to find the spelling errors you mentioned, lol lol.

    Thanks for all the love, ya'll! I hope you enjoy future pieces. The irony is that I thought this article would suck because it was so short, but yet it turned out to be a total hit! I so do not get society at times :-D.

  • Ppl like this article better because it's not total bullshit like some of the other ones, and her taking 960 tries is a pretty amazing feat in itself.

  • Only thing full of bull is yo Mama, man. She full of bull-oni cuz after making love to her last night, I fed her a bologna sammich.

    Seriously though… my articles are not full of bull****. Daily I have to turn meaningless, ordinary news into something worth your time. This world is weird…. but it's not THAT weird. Writing for WAN sometimes requires that I embellish — I never lie — in that I vocabularize (made-up word that means to use a lot of big words) or colorize (made-up word that means to add meaning like coloring in a black-and-white picture) something in order to make it semi relevant.

    So QUIT HATING, sNOOTYnotrly! ;-)

  • lolwut

    quality over quantity man

  • Nah, VBob, you did a fine job. lol

  • (Insert women/Asians can't drive joke here.)

  • And then Cha Sa-soon lived happily ever after and killed many, many people.

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