Cigarettes + Beer = Japanese Win

Posted on April 11, 2010

Japan has somehow managed to combine two of the greatest vices in the world into one affordable package: cigarettes and beer.

Nothing says weird like a two pack of “ice mint” Marlboro cigarettes (I presume that’s methol), a can of what presumes to be beer, and an American cowboy enjoying what appears to be a cup of coffee on the packaging. The cost is 640 yen, which translates to just under $7, making this one Hell of a deal. If sold here, it would cost at least $15, and the beer would probably suck.

If sold here and at the Japanese price, it would be the defacto purchase for most college students. Make the beer Pabst Blue Ribbon and it would sell like hotcakes.


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32 thoughts on “Cigarettes + Beer = Japanese Win

  1. read

    dont write shitty articles without confirming your story. Georgia is a coffee brand. Maybe you should look for asahi or suntory for your beer story

  2. Bystander

    Cigarettes and coffee, no mistake about it. What's really annoying is that for every person who spots the mistake in here, there will be 10,000 idiots who see this post and go around spreading the misinformation.

  3. Boatzilla

    And don't forget the illustration of the coffee mug above the logo type. This is why we hear stories about 100 dollar melons. Because those writing are not on the STREET.

    1. Aio

      There are $100 melons and even $200 mangos in Japan. Try the department food stores! But you're right, that is most definitely coffee!

  4. Shinjirarenai

    I'm in Tokyo now and have been living in Japan for 13 years…I can guarantee you 100% that it's coffee. But why in the hell didn't the writer just look at the picture of the Marlboro man drinking coffee….AND also look at the small coffee cup on the can itself above the letters Georgia. Unbelievable!


    It's coffee, not beer.

    Lycurgus, you're an idiot. Know the difference or don't bother posting stuff. Get your facts straight and don't spread your stupidity.

  6. super bus

    Georgia does not make beer and never has
    It is a brand owned by Mikuni-Coca Cola the Japanese subsidiary of Coca Cola.

  7. OptimusPabst

    Canned coffee + METH = what Toyota execs must have been living off of the past several months as they have completely destroyed what was the planet's most respected car company.

  8. wayne

    thats a nice BoGo pack. I'd buy it… american super industries: please package a starbucks mocha shot with a pack of camel filters, thanks.


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