Chinese Woman Grows Horn on Head

Posted on March 24, 2010

Straight out of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, comes this true tale of a poor Chinese woman who has grown a horn resembling a goat’s on the left side of her head. She also appears to be growing another one on the right side.

The woman, 100-year old Zhang Ruifnag from central China’s Henan Province, began growing the monstrosity, which started as a small lump on her forehead, last year. It is now six centimeters long (more than two inches).

“The horn started as a patch of thick, rough skin on the left side of her forehead. We didn’t pay too much attention to it at first, but as time went on it just grew and grew. And now there is something growing on the right side of her forehead and it seems quite possible that it’s another horn,” said her youngest son, 60-year-old Zhang Guozheng.

The horn causes no pain to the centenarian who has seven children, six boys and a girl, the eldest of which is 82 years old, and many grandchildren. Living in a very rural area and too poor to afford hospital care, her children are worried about their mother’s condition but comforted by the fact that she is in no pain and appears to enjoy a peaceful satisfying life.

The condition is known as a cutaneous horn, which is an uncommon deformity. Composed of keratin, these horns usually develop in elderly adults, particularly those who have had a history of sun exposure. Still, a growth of this size is rare. In more than half of the cases, they are benign but they can be cancerous. The horns can be surgically removed but without treating their cause, they may return.

Life is indeed an enigma, as why on earth would a human being ever need a horn?

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38 thoughts on “Chinese Woman Grows Horn on Head

  1. Jason

    Is she the devil? Sorry i had to … but on serious note… if it doesn't cause her any kind of pain or discomfort why should she care? I know it can be some sort of extremely rare skin cancer, but she is 100 years old… she will not die any time soon :)

    1. ur moma

      omg lady i fill sorry for you! omg if i had a a horn growing out of my head i would be freaking out like totally flip out!!!! and yeah why would she care she will die any time soon she is like 100 years old!!!! lol'z her new nick name is "unicore lady" lol'z :)

  2. Anon

    If I was her I'd go to Beijing or Shanghai and earn some money from the novelty to leave for my children, grand children, and grand grand children. It's unique enough that I'm sure she'd have no trouble getting money from it in one way or another.

  3. alex

    You guys need to shut up you know its not her fault and u shouldent b talking because you dont even know her okay? it's not her fault now just one day im goona be laughimg when u start having a new and weird diesese maybe a horn out of your butt HEHE now if that hapened to all you mean people out there i would laughing hard SO LEAVE HER ALONE

  4. anony777

    Karma's a beyotch. Don't be mean, crude and nasty. It'll come back to bite you in your arse.

  5. detra

    Seriously, its not even funny. Karma is a bitch so watch ur mouth or u may end up poping out a deformed kid or be that on u when u least expect it. Boo-ya! Haters!


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