12 Interesting Menu Items from McDonalds in Asia

Posted on March 23, 2010

The Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Chicken McNuggets… for those of us who visit McDonalds in America, these menu items are all familiar. But overseas, McDonalds has released a number of foods that cater to local tastes, and many of these items seem kind of… unexpected… to many of us in the Western world.

In fact, some of these McDonalds items are even stranger than pizza in an ice cream cone.

1. Green Tea & Red Bean Ice Cream Sundae

Featured on menus in Hong Kong, the Green Tea & Red Bean Ice Cream Sundae is made with vanilla soft serve, and topped with green tea-flavored syrups and azuki beans, a sweet-tasting bean that is often used for desserts throughout Asia.

2. Breakfast Bacon Lettuce Egg McWrap

This seems pretty Westernized, with the exception of the lettuce. A similar chicken Caesar wrap is also available, but only for breakfast.

3. Samurai Pork Burger

The Samurai Pork Burger, featured on the menu in Thailand, features pork instead of a beef patty. A similar product, the Shogun Burger, is on menus in China.

4. Seaweed Seasoned Fries

These fries are seasoned with seaweed and salt, and you apply the seasoning yourself. Other seasonings include “chargrill” and French onion.

5. McRice

Popular in Singapore, the McRice is served between two fried rice patties.

6. Bubur Ayam

Chicken strips in a thick porridge with vegetables and hot peppers.

7. McSpaghetti

No, this item doesn’t hail from Italy, it’s actually on the menu in the Philippines.

8. McHot Dog Mega Sausage

Yup, that’s a hot dog. But it’s only available as part of the breakfast menu!

9. Pies

Breakfast varieties include ham and egg, and bacon and potato. Dessert pies run the gamut from banana to taro to pineapple.

10. Breakfast Pasta Soup with Egg and Sausage

This breakfast-only item includes veggies, sausage, eggs, and pasta in chicken broth.

11. Double Beef Prosperity Burger

Offered in Malaysia, this is part burger, part French dip sandwich. Each patty is dipped in a spicy pepper sauce, and topped with onions.

12. Filet-o-Shrimp

This ebi-burger (ebi is Japanese for shrimp) is served with secret sauce. The secret’s out, McDonalds. We know the secret is just Thousand Island dressing.

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37 thoughts on “12 Interesting Menu Items from McDonalds in Asia

  1. @BradleyF81

    The Prosperity Burger is offered in Singapore during Chinese New Year. It's nothing more than a McRib with black pepper sauce on it. Not that great. It did come with curly fries though, which I don't remember ever seeing at a US McDonald's.

    The seaweed shaker fries are also available seasonally in Singapore, and I've actually never seen the rice burger ones here, but I rarely go to McDonald's anyway.

    When I was in the Philippines I noticed that there was actual rice on the menu, which isn't surprising. Rice is a huge part of the Filipino diet. Any meal without it is viewed as incomplete by some. They also have a sausage called longanisa on the menu. It's a locally made sausage that comes in different varieties. Some are good, some aren't.

  2. weewah

    Wonder what those 'buns' made of rice taste like? And it is interesting to see the cultural differences in breakfast items; Americans don't do breakfast pasta!

  3. McMama

    I like the seaweed shaker fries and the Mc Rice burgers. I also love the breakfast biscuit mcmuffin in the USA and wish we had it here. I'm getting a bit bored with McDonalds here in Australia and would like to see some really interesting and healthier choices.

  4. MakanGuru

    The McRice was a HORRIBLE failure in Singapore. At one point they resorted to giving a McRice away free to every person who ordered a normal value meal to clear their stocks. Even then people were turning away the free food because it was THAT BAD.

    I really don’t know what source told you it was a success here because once McDonald’s cleared their stock of the McRice here it was quickly taken off the menu and has never returned since.

  5. hola

    wow that food looks like nasy crap well some of it! i would not eat it though, you never know what it could be made of!!! lol'z

  6. kitty

    i dont even think the rice burgers were from singapore.. look at the golden arches in the corner.. it says love ko 'to'. dunno which language that is in but in singapore its "i'm lovin it"

    where does this fella get his research from =.=

    1. bb1

      There had been rice burgers in the Philippines a few years back. Yeah, it was a flop! And "love ko to" is the Tagalog version of the McDonalds' slogan

  7. PHguy

    Was/still on the Philippines menu as well:
    1. Prosperity Burger
    2. McRice Burger
    3. McSpaghetti
    4. Chicken McDo w/ Rice <— even KFC and Wendy's offer that in the Philippines. Total unusual for Filipinos if a fastfood chain does not offer rice with meals.

  8. Betty

    Here in America we should get some of what asia has on their menu for McDonald's. The Green tea and red bean sundea sounds so good.


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