Chinese Girl Freaks People Out in the Elevator

Posted on March 21, 2010

It doesn’t matter what the situation, young Asian girls with long black hair and white nightgowns are creepy. As this video demonstrates, you don’t even need to be in the middle of a Japanese horror film to encounter one.

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Whether or not it’s staged is a moot point, as I can only imagine that it would be terrifying despite already knowing she’s right behind the door. The video picks off seemingly innocent enough. A young woman, one who happens to bear a remarkable resemblance to Sadako from the hit Japanese thriller Ringu, smiles and waves at the camera, then assumes a relatively innocuous position against the window in a hallway.

One by one the unsuspecting victims enter, presumably just going about their day like any other. As they enter the hallway, they are met with their worst nightmares: a little Chinese girl. Each individual reacts in much the same way – a quick jump, maybe even a loss of footing, then utter confusion as the young girl just stares at them as they walk by.

It’s not until the end when one unfortunate passerby gets a little too freaked out and decides to hit the poor girl and kick her over.

I don’t care where you’re from or who might be frightening you, that’s just rude.

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13 thoughts on “Chinese Girl Freaks People Out in the Elevator

  1. tom

    it would be much more interesting if all off this wasn't just a bad joke : doesn't seem realistic at all to me, especially at the end, when the girl falls down.

  2. weewah

    I thought the payback at the end just added to the humor of this. When you jack with people someone will lash out sooner or later.
    I loved the involuntary cries from the women who were scared. That must've been a lot of fun to do.

  3. Kuriko89

    Me and hubbs laughed out a**es off! You could tell she was having a lot of fun. Too bad i'v been through a lot of fun houses, and this would have just made me laugh.

  4. ron

    Uh, what's so frightening about a little girl in a nightgown standing outside an elevator? Perhaps a little startling due to her being out of place or something, but I don;t understand the horrified reactions. Is this a reenactment of something from a popular ghost movie, perhaps?


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