Hunky Homeless Man Wins Hearts With High Fashion

Posted on March 13, 2010

A homeless man in eastern central China has caused a stir with his movie star good looks and dress sense from the catwalks of international high fashion.

Xilige, 35, in the port city of Ningbo in Zhejiang province has become a fashion sensation among sections of the Chinese webiverse, who have variously dubbed him ‘The Beggar Prince’, ‘Brother Sharp’ and ‘Handsome Vagabond’.

Admirers say he has the nose and mouth of Hong Kong pop singer and film star Andy Lau, the eyes and face shape of Japanese model/actor Mizushima Hiro and the moody temperament of Chinese film star Tony Leung, who has been seen on Western screens in movies like ‘Hard Boiled’, ‘Infernal Affairs’ and ‘Lust, Caution’.

“Look at him wrinkle his brow… nothing needs to be said… sexy…”, one comment read on a Chinese web forum.

The clothes Xilige wears, which are all apparently obtained for free, have also come in for high praise from onlookers, who say they bear a striking resemblance to the work of Dolce & Gabbana.

The world famous designers’ Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, featuring a range of luxury ski fashion wear, looks as if it could have been modeled on Xilige.

In the wake of the news, officials tracked down ‘Cat’, the photographer who took the photos of Xilige, and located the homeless man to offer him shelter.

However, reportedly confused and frightened by all the interest, Xilige refused, and began screaming and wailing when officials tried to compel him. He left again in the company of ‘Cat’.

He is said to be in poor psychological condition, and has also been seen wearing women’s clothes.

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Bill Lehane
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15 thoughts on “Hunky Homeless Man Wins Hearts With High Fashion

  1. Anne Loves Jennie

    his face like: i know… i'm da sexy motha fucka, all you people with da money look at my curves x)
    chao outside motha fucka!!

  2. Griph

    lmao @ twisted_colour!! you just summarized in one sentence what's wrong with society. Kinda depressing though

  3. snapperhead

    honestly i think they look kinda stupid… now im open minded and i can see where thy are coming from on this fasion trend….. but thats kinda crazy….

    1. Earnestly

      Those are fashion shows. No one really dresses like this, it's more of a show of artistic expression from the designers.

  4. Then there was V

    Holy shit man.. Tells me so much about what cloths mean to me now.. what if we are the homeless man trying to look cool.. and the homeless man is trying to be himself.. that would make life backwards for us.. shit.. that would such..

  5. a less-endowed man

    at least now when people say my fashion sense is like a beggar’s, I don’t have to take it as a bad comment anymore

  6. mystyckhan

    O.o For some reason, this article reads like something The Onion would post about.

    In all honesty, I think I'd react very much the same way as this poor man did to all the attention.


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