Groom Accidentally Shot by Bride’s Uncle at Wedding

Posted on February 27, 2010

A wedding is supposed to be a momentous occasion, wherein a man and a woman (and in some places a woman and a woman or a man and a man) lovingly commit to each other in a symbolic ceremony legally recognized by a signature on a piece of paper.

Requisite wedding items are music, good food, good drinks and fun. Not guns. Never guns.

Just before leaving the wedding reception with his new bride, 21-year old Pankaj Kishore Karotia was fatally shot in the head by his uncle.

This was not a case of jealousy, however, and no malice was involved. A popular Indian wedding custom is to shoot a gun in the air in celebration. Unfortunately, as the excited uncle learned, you should never load the gun with the barrel pointing at people.

In what was ruled culpable homicide, the gun fired as he was loading for one final shot in the air before his nephew left with his new bride.

The bride was waiting in the car for her new husband to take them to their home at the time of the accident.


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6 thoughts on “Groom Accidentally Shot by Bride’s Uncle at Wedding

  1. Jason

    The moral of this story is that apparently no one has ever heard of blanks?

    and btw why does the writer have to be liberal to include gay marriage?


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