North Korea Still Rubbing Salt in Old Wounds
February 19, 2010 | by 孫子

In a country as oppressive as North Korea, it is hard to imagine they would have casinos filled with North Koreans gambling their hard earned money… that is probably because it don’t.

North Korea has casinos alright, but it is not North Koreans who get to enjoy them.

Talk about stepping on a sore toe. North Koreans have been living amidst casinos since the turn of the 21st century, all the while being denied entry. For the people, these casinos are merely a mirage. Like any hope of living in a country that offers the bare minimum of rights, casinos are just one more luxury being denied.

So, who gets to live it up in style and throw some chips down on casino blackjack? North Korea’s neighbors to the West, the Chinese!

Gambling and prostitution have been illegal in China for many, many moons, and although North Korea is not exactly a land controlled by anarchists where such activities are legal, Chinese Party and Government officials looking for some extracurricular activities need to look no further than North Korea to experience a little bit of excitement.

Due to the country’s draconian standards regarding photography, catching a glimpse of these verboten casinos is incredibly difficult. It is, however, confirmed that at least two do exist: the Pyongyang Casino and Seaview Casino Hotel, with a third or more possibly existing that only true insiders have access to.

Here’s hoping that North Korea’s citizens get to one day enjoy the spoils…


Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.

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  • No surprise here. Thats what North Korea does best.


  • I've been to one. It's in the basement of the main hotel that visitors must stay in while in Pyongyang. Well, Western visitors anyways. The hotel is on a peninsula in the middle of the city, and guarded so that no one can leave in the evenings. So, as a result of the ensuing boredom, there's stuff there for everyone to do – including a casino. Not really that exciting to be honest. Pretty small, no crazy technology or anything. Just a lot of Chinese people smoking and gambling.

  • how many people in this country could afford this?

  • "Here’s hoping that North Korea’s citizens get to one day enjoy the spoils…"

    Strange, how many really enjoy the spoils of gambling?

  • When would anyone in the Workers' Paradise need such a horrid distraction!?

    A good night there en-tells hard sweaty muscle tearing back breaking Workers' Dreams in the mills/farms/mines without such worthless things like Light! Who needs booze and babes? Workers' Fantasyland is service to the shining bespectacled God Emperor Overlord Master ~il !!!!
    If one would love to join~ One could enjoy a wonderful night in the quiet cities and country sides without the sound of annoying birds and wandering animal life~ A Truly unique place that even the birds and beast sleep peacefully here too~~ You can't even see them in the daylight!!! Truly respectful are they here~~~~~

  • I think freedom for the west is selling your dignity. if counties are not corrupted they pick on them and call them all kinds of name in the book.westerns have no problem living with Saudi Arabia a country Execute people every Friday for stealing.Saudi Arabia is a country where women not allowed to drive cars and not allowed to work.But for the west as long as their interest is respected,who cares what happened to that nation? then why they keep attacking north Korea as if north Korea is exceptional ? this is a complete bull shit article.Respect north Korea like Saudi Arabia period Or attack both .Or else shut the fuck off !

  • i am saudi and no man is executed for stealing, they are for raping and murdering plus some women do drive in villagies and small cites.
    Go buy some legitmate books about islam then u would know the truth.
    i would care less about what will be written here because i will never visit this page again

  • kill the **** and you will go to haven – a short sample from your koran ,"kill" no other objections

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