Shanghai Wonder: Bridge Made of Trash Collapses
February 5, 2010 | by MDeeDubroff

In an absurd twist of fate and a rather distinct and unusual statement on the need to recycle, residents of Shanghai got the surprise of their life when earlier this month a major new bridge collapsed, revealing its components to be mostly rubbish and not concrete!

Spanning the Wusong River in central Shanghai, the river has represented an important shipping route since the 1930s, facilitating the transport of goods to the interior of China. The Suzhou River Road where the bridge is located has been designated as a protected heritage zone and has become the setting for Shanghai’s flourishing art scene.

Completed in 2009, the bridge replaced a much older one with a more modern design. It began to collapse after being in operation only a short period; just after Christmas, when cracks appeared in the structure. Some thought the ground might have become unstable or that it might have been the result of the inefficiency of the original construction company.

Subsequent inquiry revealed the latter to be the case. Styrofoam, bags of garbage, scrap wood and plastic waste were used as construction materials in the structure.

By using less concrete in the construction, results were completely counter- productive. Short-term savings were obliterated by the estimated costs of eliminating the rubbish and starting the construction all over again! This lack of foresight makes sense only if the sobriety of the construction company management was an issue (a fact which remains unknown).

Recycling has its place in our modern world, but this is ridiculous, not to mention extremely perilous if someone has the misfortune of enjoying the view of the river while standing underneath a girder weakened by Styrofoam and/or plastic!

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M Dee Dubroff is the penname of this freelance writer and former teacher originally from Brooklyn, New York. A writer of ghostly and horror fiction, she has branched out into the world of humorous non fiction writing and maintains eight web sites covering a wide variety of topics. She also writes feature articles for several local newspapers. Her book entitled: A Taste of Funny, and her website, Eat, Drink And Really Be Merry ( feature many well researched and humorous articles on the subject of food and drink.
  • Made in China. Don't worry about safety, there are plenty of people in China… a couple dead won't matter. Making money is more important. Sad mentality, but true for some companies.

  • wasn't this a simpsons episode?

    where the mafia made schools out of papier mache?

  • cheap chinese crap

  • I bet Oscar The Grouch's shit stinks from eating this bridge.

  • they replace the concrete with rubbish? Hell Yeah!!! Go Green go Rock in china!!! LOL

  • So bizarre. It’s hard to imagine this is mere incompetence or greed. More like some kind of uber-grudge thing. Like, the construction contractor had suffered some vast insult from a city official, and decided it was time for extreme payback. Some history involving an argument over a landfill operation perhaps?

    Thinks… ‘OK then, I am going to sell you a bridge made entirely of crap, ha ha ha!

  • Talk about a bridge over troubled water! LOL LOL LOL

  • Hmmmm
    They say that the Chinese copy. What about that bridge in Minnesota, USA? Well the bridge in Minnesota did last longer. It wasn't maintained by Chinese. We can't blame Chinese for it, but I think that we will end up by blaming them for everything els, including automobile recalls and bad dog food. That is what happens when we don't make enough stuff in the USA to blame ourselves.

    • it was very clear and concise as to why the 35w bridge collapsed. MN DOT put out a thorough report taking responsibility for not maintaining the bridge properly. To compare the too cases is complete idiocy, unless of course you are euro trash western hating fool, then the comparison works great for you. Go kiss your trees goodbye and move to china and live on garbage bridges, then, you can blame America for whatever you want.

      • swan,

        yes. we're eurotrash for even making the comparison, despite in both cases, the bridges collapsed for gross incompetence. Go USA #1, you delusional fool. My librul-indoctrinated good learnin' and high technology skills subsidize your redneck trash. Rural america (aka 'real America') is as bass ackward as the Ukraine.

  • The builders ( or whoever is responsible) should be prosecuted for their lack of ethics.

    • dont you worry. them chinese will prosecute and then they will – literally – shoot the responsible executives.

  • Actually unlike the United States those responsible for this theft, and corrupt practice will be severely punished.

    If this happened in the US the responsible parties will be fined a qtr of the amount they profited by performing such crime.

    • Yes, indeed. I was told by a rather patriotic Chinese citizen that theft and corruption can and probably will be met with some sort of barbaric punishment. Though I thought he may have been exaggerating, I'm not so sure now. For the record, I don't consider prison severe.


  • @fun2baround In the United States this death trap would have never been built.

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