Shop in Taiwan Channels Nike to Sell Pastries

Posted on February 4, 2010

If you happen to find yourself in Taipei, the largest city on the Chinese island of Taiwan, take a quick jaunt to the “Just Do Eat” pastry shop and indulge in a tasty confectionery treat.

Judging by these pictures, it’s clear this pastry shop has no fear, or is simply ignorant of, the possibility of Nike, Inc. going all litigious on what is presumably their unauthorized use of the popular athletic apparel company’s popular logo and slogan.

Of course, once can’t help admire the inherent humor found in the bad grammar-cum-hilarious pun that adorns their sign, as well as their unique and slightly delicious-looking spin on the popular Nike “swish” logo.

If Nike wishes to receive compensation for the pastry place’s use of the logo and slogan, perhaps they can work out a deal that involves free donuts. Beats money.

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4 thoughts on “Shop in Taiwan Channels Nike to Sell Pastries

      1. Gonzo

        Taiwan was part of Japan (1895-1945) for most of the KMT's China-owning lifespan. To consider Taiwan "part of China" because of the ROC label is useful for picking at technicalities if you have a pro-china view, but it's about a million miles from reality.


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