9 Year-Old Girl Gives Birth in China

Posted on February 1, 2010

Peru may well hold the world record for “youngest mother,” but China is definitely in the running as a nine-year old in northeast China has given birth to a healthy child.

Naturally, the parent’s have sought out legal help, as sex with a child under the age of fourteen brings with it an automatic rape conviction. According to hospital statistics, however, young girls not just becoming pregnant but seeking abortions is more common than you might think.

A report from a hospital in Shanghai revealed that approximately 30% of surgical abortions on young children in China were performed on individuals still in school. A hospital owned and operated by the People’s Liberation Army also revealed that 50% of these abortion were performed on women in either college or vocational schools.

The baby was delivered via cesarean section on January 27th at around noon, and weighed in at 2.75kg. According to reporters, the admission of the young girl to the hospital was a fairly taboo subject, and hospital staff were reluctant to discuss the matter. The reporter eventually learned from a registration form the girl’s name, and a nurse eventually revealed that the girl’s family is from Songyuan, and the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy were unknown.

Despite the young age of the mother and the potential for severe complications, it has been reported that the mother and her new baby are doing fine at Changchun hospital, which is located in the Jilin province.

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13 thoughts on “9 Year-Old Girl Gives Birth in China

  1. Bigo

    And they hold this as a record??? A child who was raped makes a record by giving birth?! That's not a record, it's a terrible thing!!! Whoever did this to this girl must be hanged.

  2. seinsein

    it' terrible…i do feel sorry for that child ….she has to be a mother and still very young….that guy isa heartless guy…

  3. Observor

    I dont understand how this should even be held as a record?? It''s a crime! Children this young do not have the proper development to be having babies! It's dangerous and it's sick. A death penalty for the guy would only be an easy way out for him. I say he should be injected with a fertilized egg so that he can have an ectopic pregnancy since fetal cells can latch onto anything as long as there's tissue and does not require a uterus. Lets see how he likes a baby exploding out of him since he cant give birth!

  4. anon

    i don't get how this little girl underwent 9 months of pregnancy without her parents noticing/doing anything about it

  5. Avery Ecklein

    When she is an adult woman who is married to a man, she can't have a child anymore due to one child policy in China. That's led to childless marriage.


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