Google….Toilet Paper?
January 7, 2010 | by Lycurgus

Google has become a household name. It’s a noun – the most popular search engine on the Internet – and it’s a verb – “Just Google it.” Now thanks to the Vietnamese it’s also a popular brand of toilet paper!

Whether or not it’s actually named after the popular search engine created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin is clearly up for debate, one can’t deny just how humorous the packaging is. What is “Virgin Pulp” exactly?

While clearly not a bonafide Google product, it’s only a matter of time before Google takes over the world and introduces us to the Google Bidet, Google Spontaneous Combustion Engine, and Google Tennis Shoes.

In the end, the above image is a clear indicator of just how popular the term has become and how far reaching the influence of the word Google really is.

  • "Now thanks to the Chinese it’s also a popular brand of toilet paper!"
    It's actually vietnamese.

  • Virgin Pulp = NON-recycled paper! :( So, wonderful, here we have a company that is BRAGGING that their paper product is irresponsible!

  • Google never fails to push the limits of innovations with their new products.

  • I think someone high up in the Google corporation,got drunk one night and lost a bet with another important business owner.

    In which losing meant having to start a toilet paper product with the company name on it.

  • How do we know this is real? I have been unable to locate any company in Vietnam associated with this toilet paper. Some Vietnamese supposedly blogged about this Google toilet paper with a partial photo that does not show any manufacturing information. This could just be a hoax for all we know. Anyone with Photoshop can change the packaging of a product to read Google. Answer this question, why is "virgin pulp" in English? Why is "Rolls" in English? Why is "2 Ply Bathroom Paper" in English? This is a problem area with the net, someone sees something and immediately assumes it is real just because it is on the net.

  • I think it would be pretty hard to fake this in photoshop. Based on the lighting and all, looks pretty real to me!
    Had a good chuckle out of this. Cheers, Jon.

  • Heaven Sent X Hell Bent Apparel Coming Soon!!!

  • oh, my god ,the big the world ,the more things we can see.

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