Chinese Burglar Trapped By Hole in Wall

Posted on December 29, 2009

Ace in the hole is an expression that does not always apply, as is the case with a would-be chicken thief in China who miscalculated the size of an opening he tried to crawl through.

Chinese Burglar Trapped By Hole in Wall picture

The hole was built as an ingress and egress for a farmer’s pet dog and the man got stuck and had to be rescued by firefighters after he was trapped all night in the cold with the chickens who weren’t too thrilled about sharing their space with a stranger.

It happened in a barn wall on a farm in Tianlin town, Guangxi province. The burglar misjudged his ability to wriggle his way through the small opening. He got stuck halfway through and wasn’t discovered until the next morning.

“I underestimated the size of the hole and wrongly thought I could make it through,” the would-be chicken thief later confessed to police officers.

Firefighters said that by the time they arrived, the man was blue with cold and shivering so furiously that he could barely speak.

“It took us a good half-hour to carefully widen the hole to get him out. We had to go slowly because we were worried about the wall

collapsing on top of him,” said a spokesman from the fire department.

The burglar was arrested and is now in custody where he faces charges of attempted burglary.

As of this writing, the chickens have not pressed charges against the intruder, but who knows what will happen in the future?

Chicken crime, my friends, does not pay, (or maybe it seems to, but it is all smoke, mirrors, illusion and… chicken feed!


Chinese Burglar Trapped By Hole in Wall picture


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