Man Carves Tunnel for 14 Years to Park Near House
December 7, 2009 | by shinigami

A man in India has proved that nothing’s impossible, not when you have the willpower and the right equipment. Frustrated with a hilly range that blocked easy access to his home, Ramchandra Das, a villager from Kewati, eastern Bihar, slugged away at the rocky mountain for 14 years creating a small tunnel.

Generic Tunnel

The tunnel, measuring 10 m in length and 4 m width, finally enabled Das to park his truck by his home.

Prior to this, there was no convenient way for him to drive his vehicle to his house.

Losing the truck to thieves was a constant fear for him and such limitations heightened this worry.

“I could not park my truck near my house since the mountain blocked my path. I had to leave my truck miles away, so I decided to do something about it myself,”

Das was not the only one who complained about the mountain. Given the rocky terrain and poor road infrastructure, other villagers also had trouble traveling back home from surrounding fields.

Before the handy tunnel was carved out, visiting the nearby amenities and locations ended up being a 7 km journey for these villagers.

All of them had brought up this issue with the relevant authorities.

However, when the powers that be refused help in this matter, Das decided to rise to the occasion.

The resulting tunnel has now been welcomed by locals and authorities. To this effect, it is the favored mode of transportation for villagers.

Authorities have also been quite vocal in their support for Das.

“We rarely come across a man who can work so hard to achieve his goal,” was the comment by a local government official called Prabhat Kumar Jha.

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Shinigami (A. K. Goemans) is a Netherlands-based writer who is into horror movies, computer games and manga. She lived in different parts of Asia and Africa before settling down in the Netherlands.
  • Well necessity is the mother of all inventions. While he didn't invent anything he sure persevered.

  • I take it that this hardworking man did all this by himself with nothing but handtools. I mean 14 years! If he really had proper equipment, it would have taken less than a year to dig a 10 meter by 4 meter tunnel. I also assume these other villagers (lazy bastards) did nothing to help him. If they did help, then my bad.

    Anyway, I'm glad he completed his tunnel! I can only imagine the difficulty of parking your vehicle on one side of the mountain range, and then having to get up the mountain to get to the other side to where the house is.

  • What is more astonishing is he is letting people use his tunnel for free. Just for that, this guy should get all kinds of awards (and whatever financial rewards that might come with the awards). If someone did this in North America, I'm sure the tunnel would be bought out by a large corporation soon after it's operational, and then a toll would be charged for anyone going in or out.

  • What a guy! I hope the other villagers helped him.

  • Authorities praised him? I think they should pay him… That's a lot of work…

  • how high was that mountain? why he dont make road over it?

  • hard worker but maybe he should have invested in a chemistry book and learned how to make nitroglycerin. That would have turned a 14 year project into a less then 14 month project.

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