Japanese Grass-eaters, a New Type of Metrosexual Men
December 5, 2009 | by shinigami

If recent trends are anything to go by, Japanese men in their twenties are turning away from macho ideals like muscled bodies and business suits in favor of a more effeminate lifestyle. Dubbed as grass-eaters or Herbivore men, these young folk prefer facials and personal grooming over other activities like dating.


In most cases, Herbivore men are described as the polar opposite of the masculine men of the previous generations. Thus, these young ones who are in their 20s and 30s, disapprove of competitive habits and ambition.

And, unlike the confident nature often expected from a macho man, these young men are painfully shy around women.

Some even say that they are not that interested in sex.

Instead, they express a love for sweets and beauty habits like eyebrow plucking.

Furthermore, as opposed to the work-orientated lifestyle of their fathers, these men prioritize time with family and friends over work.

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Of course, there are many who are not shocked by such developments. Folks like Katsuhiko Kokobun, the owner of a hair salon called Guzzle, note that people were becoming more flexible about gender norms.

“It’s not so much that men are becoming more like women. It’s that the concept of masculinity is changing,” says he.

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Shinigami (A. K. Goemans) is a Netherlands-based writer who is into horror movies, computer games and manga. She lived in different parts of Asia and Africa before settling down in the Netherlands.
  • Basically they are saying they are all homo's! Actually worse, since they have no idea where they stand.

  • Lawl @ using KAT-TUN's picture in this article.

    A+, WAN.

  • Asian chicks are hot.

  • I like this. Men strong enough to forgo their ego in favor of those qualities that actually matter: love, tolerance, and an appetite for grass. j/k about the last one.

  • What's with the pic? KAT TUN?


  • another discreet way of saying they're homos

  • it's clearly because these men are Gay, but their country is so ignorant.
    oh, the "horror" of not-being-straight…….

    • Do you know what real ignorance is? You. Do you know what homosexuality is? Being attracted to someone of the same gender. These men are NOT attracted to other men, they just throwing away the stereotypical macho appearance.

  • Noooooooooooooo! Argh!! Where are the real men? They are disappearing before our very eyes! I blame the chemicals in the plastics and water!

    • It just means that women now have to forfill a bigger role. They are now going to have to get a full time job and worry about getting laid.

  • This is yet anther article to hide the fact that Japanese men don not want Japanese women in the professional workforce or for that matter having any power that is equal to theirs, sad sad sad that these sexists men can not except change. No wonder Japanese women love us american men to death especially if were Caucasian like myself, we accept equality and allow freedom for our special ladies just as we except them to do the same to us. TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WANT OTHERS TO TREAT YOU!!!!!
    I also think this article is giving out the message that more and more Japanese men are becoming gay/homosexuals as a result of Japanese women wanting respect and equality from men.
    -Japanese Ladies: just come to America you'll be much happier and a lot less stressed out at the end of the day!!
    -Japanese Men: either start respecting the ladies and treat them with equality or GO HOME and be gay with all the other Japanese men

  • they are classified as homos to me

  • metrosexual = fancy name for homo

  • oh wow, they just described about half of the guys in my family. haha

  • haha why KAT-TUN's pic?
    they're not really good boys type, well they used to fight during their JR days…
    i just found it funny for their pic to be used in this article…
    Kt is really great! hope they'll release another single soon!

  • Faggot ass Asian men. They never had the courage to talk to women now they completely gay.

  • grass eaters? don't you mean friends of Dorothy? I mean, I'm all about the gay culture and love them to pieces… so let's call a spade a spade. Instead of pretending to be straight and all anti-woman (which maybe they are…) do you have the courage to actually start a progressive movement inside the Japanese culture and make some real changes in how sexuality is expressed? DO you?

    It's issues like these that make me realize how Japanese culture cannot be respected with a 10 foot pole just because they say so. Real change needs to be made and that's never going to happen within a nonconfrontational, do as you're told, group think kind of society. It just won't.

  • Why did they use a KAT-TUN pic? They obviously have no idea who they are.

  • I don't have anything against this, and I'm a dude myself. I mean why must there always be a macho stereotype, can't everyone just be who they are. As long as it doesn't goes against the law or is a crime, then I think it's ok.

  • If you haven't lived in Japan before, you can't really get it. These types of cultural reports are so impossible because they fail to capture all the niches of male sexuality that exist in Japan. Gay men aren't like that at all. If there's any comparison, maybe…emo kids, but with more maturity and attention to style / hygeine. Not gay. In fact, more like…Canadians. v(^_^)v By the way, that guy they interviewed and filmed is not a representative of those types – that kid could speak English and seemed very internationalized and self-confident. Most so-called "herbivores" would be too shy and wouldn't be educated enough to speak English as fluently as he could.

  • It is like weak looking pussies like these japanese, taiwanese, chinese, korean wimps like these that makes us asian guys in the US of A look weak and give us a bad name. What a shame that they can't just tell everyone they are GAY which I have no problem if they just stated they like it in da ass and not da grass.

    • Excuse me, why don't you go and say that to their faces? You gutless 'American'. They're the REAL Asian men, you're just a poser, trying to act all tough and begging to be accepted into American society. You're the real wimp.

    • If you need other men to make you look like a man then you're not.

  • The intellectual1000

    I'm a dude and I care about my looks, but these guys are over doing by miles.

  • One work. Homosexual.

  • Noticed the several aggressive violently-perverted comments about punching those guys in the face (in the youtube video) for being who they are? Those dangerous animals should be locked up!

  • I'm a 37 year old male Canadian who never had girlfriend or dated…THE way the men and women treat each other today I'm glad I'm always asexual I just work enough to support myself besides I'm not interested in the flesh and I'm off the society treadmill I just go out when its necessary.Bravo for the Japanese Grasseaters because their leading their lives the way they want to.cheers from Lonewolf.

  • You should all be ashamed of yourselves come on get a life talking and texting is no excuse to kill or torture them.

  • shinigami left out a crucial detail in this article. Grass-eaters make up over sixty-percent of the young male population in Japan. SIXTY PERCENT!!!! For all of you who think this is about gays, its not. This isn't a niche. Its not even a trend. This is about THE MAJORITY OF THIS GENERATIONS ADULTS turning into castrated girly-men. Of course the Japanese have plenty to worry about. Why did this happen? What does it mean? What does it entail? Only time will tell.

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