Man Slept Next To Dead Wife for 5 Years
December 3, 2009 | by lehaneb

A Vietnamese man dug up his wife’s body, molded it with clay into a female figure and put it in his bed so he could hug it every night for the past five years.

The man, 55-year-old Le Van from Ha Lam in the central Quang Nam province, is seen below with his wife’s remains and his son.


According to reports, Van began by sleeping upon his wife’s grave after she died in 2003. He said that a year and a half later he decided to dig a tunnel next to his wife’s grave so he could sleep beside her away from the rain and wind.

However, neighbors and local authorities found out about the practice and persuaded Van to stop. Subsequently in November 2004 Van returned to the grave, dug up his wife’s corpse and brought it home, where it remains today.

Van’s son, photographed below with his mother’s corpse, is said to hug her body before going to bed each night.

His father told the Lao Dong newspaper that his neighbours dared not visit him for years, but have since grown more accustomed to the idea and will now pay him a visit from time to time.

“I’m a person that does things differently. I’m not like normal people,” he was quoted as saying. “My wife’s body only passed away but her spirit still accompanies us. I have no fear when it comes to sleeping with her at all.”

Local authorities are said to be planning an inspection of the case because of new sanitation laws that rule a body must be cremated or buried, and that burials cannot be carried out in residential gardens without approval.



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  • Ahahah… yeah…

  • This is disturbingly romantic . . .
    Could be worst – he could be treating that like a sex doll . . . Hoo boy, let's hope he isn't.

  • I found this story quite heart warming. I think his intentions are pure.

  • Kinda sweet in a really creepy way.

  • hahahah.. sex doll…

  • that is so sad… :( but so sweet. i feel very sorry for him and his son

  • A blow up doll would have been easier to put away.

  • why does the son have his leg over his mom like that in the 2nd pic?>

  • the resemblence of the corpse to a sex dolls is uncanny….appearence wise

  • Pity him… sobsob…


  • this is creepy but very sweet. too bad he had to lose his wife, while lots of men cheat on their (living) wives.

  • that's actually really nice. i don't really find it creepy, he just misses her. we all deal with that in different ways. if you find this creepy then you find cremated remains in a jar in a house creepy? it's exactly like this.

  • wow creepy much? kinda sad and romantic…makes me wanna gag

  • I kinda its kinda sweet.

  • sweet,sad,loving, yet creepy and gross

  • Man walks into a bar and says "My wife is so cold…"

    Bartender says "Good evening, Mr. Van!"

  • …I call it the Aristocrats

  • thats just downright sad in a good way, i mean hes in a love, hes like Monk in the tv show :-]

  • Hey .. Does'nt the body get smelly ?

  • This is sure bittersweet.

  • Thats really sweet but me personally i wouldnt do no crazy shit like that.. but you are right he's in love and i understand and i love my man with all my heart and thats never gone change.. but i wouldnt do no crazy shit like that.. but everyone does deal with things different ways and he was so in love that thats the reason why he dug her up,, people thats talking shit really dont know what its like you must not know what love really is and dont have feelings. just insensitive… why dont yall give the man a fucking break.. i feel for him but still i wouldnt do no shit like that..

  • yea how about the smell of the body? how can they eat? i mean, it has to smell even if its wrapped up….i wonder how it looks like if he took the wrap off…ughhhhhhhhhh

  • He dug her up about a year and a half after she died, she would be pretty much only a skeleton by then. I think bodies stop stinking after they're done rotting.

  • i woulda fucked her corpse before it got cold

  • Bunch of Morons!

  • dont the body stink? how he gonna smell dat

  • Til death to us part and beyond I suppose. He must have REALLY loved her!

  • Apparently this isn’t unheard of… Google Elena Hoyos, that’s just slightly creepier than this.

  • Because I really always knew that my little crime
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    And I know, I know it's not your time!
    But bye-bye!

    And a word to the wise, when the fire dies
    You think it's over but it's just beguuu-u-uuuuun,
    Baby, don't cry…

    You had my heaaart,
    at least for the moooost part…
    'Cause everybody's gotta die sometime!
    We fell apart, let's make a new start
    'cause everybody's gotta die sometime, yeah, yeeeeahhh!

  • ill be honest, this is by far the most romantic and heartbreaking story i ever heard. it show unconditional love and complete loyalty. and i know im gonna get some bad replys and comments on saying this but i have to say whats true to me, with my wife, if the time came and she passed away i would do the same thing, and if not allowed id have a home graveyard behind my home and visit her daily. even plant her favorite rose bush beside her

  • I feel bad for his wife, with his inability to let go. If there were any sort of afterlife, she couldn't possibly want this for him. I feel worse for their son, though, having to live through this and hug his mother's corpse. It's sweet, though, he loved and still loves his wife.

  • I don't understand how people can think this is sweet. Really? Death is a part of life, it's unfortunate but you need to let go and heal. You can keep that person in your heart but you need to respect the dead and let them rest in peace. And he is psychologically disturbing that little boy. He deserves to understand that he doesn't need to have his mother's corpse in his home in order to love her. There are memories, pictures, stories. Not dead bodies though! That child is too young to understand right now that this is not normal. When he gets older he will become confused and become just as incapable of dealing with emotions as his father is. Not sweet, not romantic, it's disturbing and that man is mentally ill. I'm sure his wife would not have wanted this for her son to be a part of.

  • dick hugmywang

    its a lil sad but ppl deal with death all kind of ways even in a wierd way.
    the boy huggin her b4 bed is sad too cuz i bet he doesnt really remember his mom.
    im sure 7 outta 10 ppl would hug there moms body shell(corpse) just because your memorys of her will drive you to it point is dont judge his behavior until your in his shoes(there shoes)

  • this man is disturbing. he is ill. he need help! loving your wife is one thing but putting you son through sickel mind like him is even SICKER!!!

  • wow can't believe this is happening…. Love make people do crazy things and this one is …. you decided

  • It has positive and negative sides actually. I mean, that man must be loved his wife so much that he couldn’t possibly let her go. But it’s bad because death is part of our life. We must face it. People will come and go in our life right ? But it is hard to let go of someone we really love. I just hope this man could face the reality someday and move on.

  • There's nothing creepy about it, it may be unhealthy, but other that, it's sweeter than anything. Those of you who have never lost someone close to you may think so, but I, along with others who have the same experience would find this very sad and touching.

  • I can understand why this story looks creepy but this man shows he truly loves his wife. He TRIED to sleep next to her grave and in the tunnel but after a year and a half, he couldn't stand it. The fact that he covered her body in clay to restore her is interesting…but again, preservation. The poor little boy even hugs his mother…awh, this story is so sad. =( Poor men here know how it is to lose a woman when men mistreat them these days.

  • True love but in an awkward way.

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  • I wonder since he’s a little twisted if he has sex with her too

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